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Children's Beds

The market around children’s beds is one filled with options and choices, from stylistic designs to innovative concepts and ideas, comfort features and space saving solutions. One of the best things about children’s beds is the options now available, though it is worth noting from the off that buying a small bed is not always a good decision in the long run as your child may very quickly outgrow it and need a new one. Generally, once children are out of their toddler bed, they are suitable for a regular single bed – or a double if you choose to put two siblings together, though the recommendation is always to give children their own personal space even when they are young and claim they want to be together. That’s not to say that the bed market doesn’t have options for smaller beds for different stages of childhood – but whether they are necessary is a personal opinion that many of our members choose to look past; instead jumping straight in with a single bed that will last them all through childhood and their early young adult years.

Different types of bed designed for children

We cannot escape the fact that children’s beds are more exciting than adult ones, with so many innovative design ideas and solutions provided to make bedtime more fun and to help inspire your children as they spend time in their rooms. A child’s bed is a portal to a different world full of imagination and dreams and doing what you can to support this is a case of getting the structure right as well as the bedding and duvet cover. Some of our favourite children’s beds on the current market include midi beds (to be explored later in this article), bunk beds perfect for siblings, and high end beds which include everything from turrets like a castle, to slides which transport your child from mattress to floor in one quick movement. Other ways to elevate your child’s bed include investing in bed-friendly accessories such as drapes and framed tents, and soft padding to cover the frame and turn their bed into a haven of soft surfaces – perfect for restless sleepers.

The value of high framed beds

Arguably the most popular beds on the children’s market, bunk beds and midi beds are both excellent solutions when it comes to housing more than one child in a single room, or simply creating more space in a smaller bedroom. Midi beds in particular are one of the best choices for smaller homes as they allow the bed to be raised from the floor – opening up the space beneath it and making the perfect place for a desk, a den, or simply extra storage. Hanging a sheet or curtain across this space is perfect for giving your child a little privacy while still maintaining an open bedroom door policy which is as important for safety as it is for politeness.

Accessorising a child’s bed

Once you’ve got the frame right, the real test is in the bedding you choose and how you use that bedding to complete the transformation from boring bed frame to dream-worthy haven. If your child has a bed off the ground, why not use bedding to turn it into a rocket ship or a tall princess castle. If their bed is low down, make this exciting with an under the sea theme and well used wall decorations. Whatever it is, fine the perfect frame across furniture retailers and department stores with specialist children’s sections, for the widest range of options at every price range.

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