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TV Stands & Entertainment Units

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TV Stands & Entertainment Units

When you first enter the living space of a family home, often the first thing that catches the eye is the television – the focus point of the living space seating plan, generally with a prime of place location against a wall. How you choose to display your television will depend on the overall finish of your home, though TV stands and entertainment units are one of the most popular options – offering not just a place to stand the television, but also plenty of space for surrounding speakers, DVD and film collections, and other TV boxes and entertainment hubs. For our members looking at the different TV units and stands available on the market, we have three top tips – explored further below.

1. Think about the height and design of your unit

A quick search online for TV and entertainment units will throw up a vast range of results and options; ranging from single low height shelving units, to multi-layered stands and even full units with drawers. One of the first considerations you should look at is what the ideal height for your unit is, taking into account the size of your television and what a comfortable viewing position will be. With so many options available, we also advise our members to measure a unit or stand which is wide enough to comfortably hold the weight of the television and keep it balanced – with some of the best options featuring a very low and wide design which sits close to the ground, with adequate space for the television and the other entertainment boxes.

2. Consider the material finish and how it will look in your room

While the television is primarily a functional item in your living room, that should in no way lessen the emphasis you put on finding the right design and finish in line with your decoration. From natural wood finishes to glass topped units, whitewash designs and even more intricate patterns, the variety you can find will differ with each retailer. One of our top tips for members here is to think about not just the colour of the unit or stand but also how it is built, as a great deal of stylistic flair can be showcased simply through the structure of the legs or the placement of the shelves and drawers. Some of our favourite units on the market at the moment emphasise angled legs and low shelves, with just enough space for a stack of DVD’s and a candle to light the mood.

3. If you can’t find exactly what you want, consider some DIY alterations

And then we come to the DIY option – a popular option for those who want to create something unique which is made exactly to their specifications and desires. Creating a TV stand or entertainment unit can be easy or difficult, depending on the design you opt for, but the most basic of shelving stands can easily be created simply by selecting the very best planks of wood and joining them together. If you do choose to go down this route, be sure to seal the wood when you have finished the design, to ensure its lifespan is as long as possible, protected against woodworm or rotting. This can be done with a wood sealant on naturally left wood, or with the right choice of paint if you decide to provide a colourful finish.

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