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Gaming Chairs

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Gaming Chairs

A category of chair with a very niche userbase and distinct design features, gaming chairs and designed to enhance the experience of those engaged in game play and virtual reality – with some of the most high-end and expensive models supporting an immersive experience similar to that which might be found in a high-tech arcade or professional gaming test centre. With such a wide range available starting with the most basic ergonomic chairs and extending to those with in-built screens and surround sound technology, gaming chairs are most commonly found through dedicated retailers which specialise in creating gaming equipment designed to enhance the overall game play.

Gaming Chairs vs. Regular Desk Chairs

When it comes to selecting a gaming chair, the first thing to notice is that most of them come equipped with ergonomic features and add-ons. To support long periods of gameplay, the ergonomic features of gaming chairs support the back, neck and arms with padded rest points and adjustable height and back supports. Easy mobility is encouraged through the wheels at the base, while the swivel mechanism ensures that the user can move swiftly between screens without straining their eyes, neck or back. While many desk chairs boast their own ergonomic features to support extended sitting periods, gaming chairs often also feature gaps in the section which sits behind the neck, leaving space for headphones to sit comfortably without being pushed forward by the chair back.

The different price points of gaming chairs

The most basic chairs are available with much of the ergonomic chairs, often in colours which provide a sleek finish and can be chosen to compliment the desk, technology and surrounding space. Of course, the most you are prepared to pay the more technology you will get along with your gaming chair, and it is worth our members noting that some popular add-ons and upgrades include Bluetooth connectivity for your device, wireless transmitters to connect the console to the chair, dedicated vibration sensors to increase game play experience, and LED side lighting for added style and design. Perhaps the most expensive option on the market at the moment, and one sold by a dedicated gaming experience retailer, is a wraparound workstation chair, with screen mounts built-in to a holder which arches over the top of the chair and rests directly in the line of sight; encompassing the user in a comfortable environment which responds to demands, is able to tilt and move in line with what is happening on the screen, and has a completely integrated audio sound and light system.

Where to go to find affordable gaming chairs / chairs which will match my home

Of course, with so many members looking for items to match and sit well in their home, appearance is key – and luckily, many of the gaming chairs offered by our retailers are stylish and sleek in their finish. When not being used as a gaming chair, most of the chairs categorised as ideal for gamers also make excellent desk and office chairs thanks to their comfortable padding and ergonomic design structure, or can provide a good statement in your living space when you need extra seating. To find the most affordable and house-friendly options, consider first looking at those gaming chairs sold by homeware retailers – moving on to dedicated gaming brands only if you’re serious about sourcing the very finest in gaming technology.

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