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Mantel & Tabletop Clocks

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Mantel & Tabletop Clocks

ike most buyers and homeowners, our members often say that having a clock in every regularly used room in the home not just looks good but is also exceptionally useful for keeping watch of the time. Though many of us wear smart watches and carry phones around with us for much of the day, being able to glance up and look at a clock is still an incredibly natural and practical thing to be able to do – and homeware retailers know that. As such, the market is full of clocks to suit every room and to match every decorating style – from the popular wall clocks which adorn large empty wall spaces, to more traditional mantel and tabletop clocks which can provide a decorative finish to any surface.

What are mantel and tabletop clocks

First things first, mantel and tabletop clocks have to be able to stand on their own, whether due to a solid and wide base, or with a built-in stand which support the clock face and adds to the design element of the clock. Mantelpieces were traditionally furnished with large carriage clocks, and while many homes now embrace a more modern and simplistic design of surface-top clock for their home, the most traditional carriage clocks still remain a coveted decoration for old homes and fans of vintage pieces.

The best and most innovative designs

Many of our members prefer to opt for traditional clock faces with numerals and ticking hands when decorating their home; revelling in the intricacy and design flair of standard clocks. However, the last few decades have seen a large rise in the popularity of digital clocks, with the modern market now offering clocks for all surfaces as both standard and digital clock faces. Which one you opt for will depend on your home style and the kind of finish you want your clock to provide. In a move away from digital screens and standard numbers, some of the most innovative mantel and tabletop clocks available across technology retailers at the moment use unique shapes and projected numbers. Other notable designs include clocks which are built onto different objects or backdrops, clocks which hang from solid structures and frames, and clocks which adapt to the time of day with regards to both their display and their appearance.

Dressing a modern living space with a suitable tabletop clock

We have already looked at the popularity of standard and traditional clocks with intricate designs and ornate details, but what about those tailored to a more modern home? Modern homes tend to emulate clean lines and neutral colours, with many modern retailers offering clocks which serve these requirements with minimalist designs and basic colour patterns in a range of different shades. One way that retailers achieve this is through clocks with no numbers – turning time telling into somewhat of an estimation or guessing game, on the basis that the user will soon get to know the clock hand positioning for various times of day. These minimalist clocks are particularly popular on mantels surrounded by other ornaments, as they ensure that focus is not stolen from the other accessories. And finally, for the most modern home of all, consider a tabletop clock which is purely made from a natural piece of wood – celebrating the functionality of the material and its rustic finish, at the same time as showcasing its new purpose as a clock for your home. All of these modern styles and more can be found across homeware store, accessory retailers and department stores.

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