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Wall Stickers

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Wall Stickers

So many of us would love to improve our homes with a bit of artistic flair, without the fuss of a frame or drilling into the wall but unfortunately, we are not all brilliant artists with a knack for producing wall murals. Covering space and giving character to your empty wall space can become a chore which saps valuable time and energy out of you. Luckily, you don’t have to be a brilliant artist or commit to the expense of wallpaper, thanks to the invention of wall stickers. If there is something you would want to have in a mural, there will be an option to create a mural effect with wall stickers. There are different options with stacks of colours and textures as well as any pattern you could care to name. Wall stickers are a way to get quality without sacrificing on convenience. Most modern vinyl wall stickers are created to last years and can ever work outside as well as inside. Fabric wall stickers are particularly robust and resistant to stretch and heat distortion, so that you can lift and replace them in another area of your home. Compared to the alternatives, wall stickers are also cheap. You won’t have to hire a decorator and you won’t have to buy extra materials to install them. A mural would take several colours of paints, primers and varnishes, not to mention being much less convenient. Ease of application is a major reason to choose wall stickers to liven up your space, you can do it yourself and you won’t even need a tool kit. Peel the backing from the sticker and attach it smoothly to a clean surface. You could use a flat piece of card or plastic to smooth any accidental bubbles out but no specialist tools are necessary and the process is intuitive. Wall stickers can also be applied to many different types of surface, so they are suitable for almost any area. It is best if the surface is flat but they can adhere to glass, wood or plaster very well. You could even apply smaller wall stickers to furniture like toy chests and wardrobes. Wall stickers might have mainly been monochrome to begin with but those days are long gone, you can have colour bursts, rainbows, spirals, logos and sparkling star wall stickers. The variety is endless. There are even different finishes, from matte to glossy shine. There is so much variety in the images that everyone will find something to suit them. You could go for a favourite cartoon character, a branch weighed down with cherry blossoms, a tree sprouting from your floor or a thicket of bamboo. The designs can be simple or very complex with no extra hassle for you. For people who want to be able to move without re-painting their walls or for those in a rented home, wall stickers are the ideal way to add personality to their home without having to consider a lengthy process to remove it when they move on. Most wall stickers need nothing more than a quick blast with a normal hairdryer to warm them enough to peel off neatly. They are a dream to take down as well as put up. You could choose a unicorn wall sticker, a whimsical nursery border of wall stickers or a pattern of flowers to scatter across your wall. Educational wall stickers with numbers and letters are another lovely option that you can change as your child grows older. Glow in the dark constellations of wall stickers are another classic. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with wall stickers.

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