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Summer evenings, when the sun goes down and the drinks are flowing, are prime time for outdoor and solar lanterns. Most popularly searched for and purchased in Spring and early Summer, as buyers prepare their gardens for the long evenings and outdoor gatherings, the finest lanterns range from hanging solar bulbs to standing lanterns, strings of smaller lanterns, and the colourful Chinese lanterns best regarded with family celebrations and parties. The lantern market is wide ranging and diverse, with multiple considerations in play for any of our members searching for the latest in outdoor lighting solutions. Various styles of lantern designed for the mass market While lanterns don’t have to be limited to outdoor use, many of the indoor lanterns available are purely designed for decorative purpose rather than use. The outdoor accessory market is where lanterns are most popularly found, with some of the most practical and aesthetically pleasing designs hanging from thick wire strings, or hanging individually from handles which resonate with the old school lantern design of centuries past. While lanterns typically provide a clean and sophisticated finish, the way you dress and accessorize your lantern can inform the overall design finish, with some of our favourite ideas encompassing a coastal and seaside theme, a carnival or festival vibe, and the look of a French Riviera market cafe. TOP TIP: Change the stylistic finish of your outdoor lantern by altering its setting and the way it is hung. Chinese lanterns in particular are popular with party planners and those looking to celebrate, with cheaper options perfect for vibrant decoration, while the most expensive and authentic lanterns are ideal for release.

Considerations when purchasing an outdoor lantern

When purchasing any style of lantern, one of the most important considerations to note is the means of lighting the lantern – while many modern designs now rely on solar power and only require a direct line of sunlight for much of the day, there are those which require a plug point – somewhat restricting the areas in which you can hang the lanterns. The finish, material structure and design of outdoor lanterns is something else to pay attention to, as your outdoor lanterns will need to withstand all manner of weather changes throughout the summer months. Ensure the longest possible lifespan of your lanterns for summers to come, by keeping track of where you put them all, and bringing them inside for storage when the weather grows cold. Another consideration when it comes buying a lantern is placement – where will you put it, and how useful will it be. While we know many of our members choose lanterns as a mere supplement for a more powerful light, others may choose lanterns to line a pathway, mark the edge of a patio area, or direct guests into a party; making the location important.

Finding the best lanterns on the market

When it comes to sourcing and purchasing the best lanterns for outdoor – and indoor – use, one of the most reliable options is outdoor and garden retailers, who can ensure solid structure which is most likely to withstand life in the garden. Homeware retailers are another place to look, and often house the widest selection in terms of appearance and aesthetic – with many department retailers and independent homeware sellers providing different colours, material finishes, and design features across their lantern collections.

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