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Children's Storage

If you want your children to start taking note of storage solutions and tidying up, you have to make it exciting, interesting and engaging for them – and that’s exactly what leading retailers are turning their attention to as more and more homeowners seek out the best options for storage in children’s rooms. At the end of the day, no child every wants to pack away their toys and create a tidy space – but when it comes to maintaining the sanctity of your home, keeping things in order is important, and you need your children’s help.

Top ideas for making children’s storage fun

One of the best ways to make children’s storage fun and exciting is to invest in different coloured boxes in different shapes and sizes and turn the act of tidying into a game – just like in popular children’s movie Mary Poppins. Some of our favourite multicoloured storage solutions include boxes made from different coloured see-through plastic, boxes made to resemble large Lego pieces, and specific boxes made with different items for storage in mind, for example a special box made for barbies, one made for clothes, and another made for toy trains. Another way to make children’s storage appealing for young people is so stack and store it in an interesting way, for example using storage boxes as part of the décor in their room – a solution which pleases the children in that they get to cover an area of their room with vibrant patterns and colours, and which is equally ideal for you because you don’t have to continually paint different colours and characters on the way as their preferences change. Aside from the individual large boxes which many homeowners opt for in terms of storage, retailers have also created wide ranges of self-contained storage solutions ideal for children, which allow them to separate their possessions into different compartment and drawers. These tend to range in height and width, with all manner of different drawer sizes and quantities available depending on just how much storage you need. And then we come to toy boxes – the very pinnacle of children’s storage, and a whimsical item which dates back through multiple generations with some modern day children still now owning the toy box their own parents and grandparents used. The beauty of a children’s room is that many are packed full of a range of new and modern gadgets, and family heirlooms passed down by older siblings and parents – focal features that should be embraced and well cared for.

Finding children’s storage to match your home

Where possible it is worth adding a children’s storage solution in your main living space for all their additional toys, books, computer games and DVD’s – however this is where aesthetics become a little more challenging. Finding a storage solution which matches both your home styling and your child’s preferences is near impossible, however one solution we particularly like is a plain and neutral exterior, made more appealing for children with vibrant and exciting interior patterning behind the closed cupboard doors and inside the closed drawers. Encourage your children to tidy up after themselves across the home, and soon you will find yourself living in a far more welcoming and clutter-free space. For a range of children’s storage solutions which ranges from clear plastic boxes through to self-contained storage units and ancient toy boxes, head to home style retailers, children’s retail stores, homeware department stores and even antique stores – though the latter is likely to come with a heftier price tag.

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