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Balcony Furniture & Accessories

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Balcony Furniture & Accessories

For those lucky enough to have access to a balcony – whether private or shared – dressing it with the right furniture and accessories can mean the difference between an under-used concrete space, and your very own outdoor haven. We know that many of our members with balconies herald the practical and enjoyable uses they get from their space – ideal for hanging out laundry to dry in the summer months, perfect for a good book and a glass of wine on a warm evening, and great for treasure hunts and other activities for families and children.

Necessary furniture for a balcony

The first and most important thing to do, before investing in any balcony furniture, is to ensure you know how much space you have to play with, and exactly how you intend to use your space. Often the space available on a balcony can be quite limited, and so one way to combat this and ensure you make the best of your space in all weathers and conditions is to look at fold-up furniture – from chairs to tables and washing lines. Next up, consider the sun position of your balcony. At what time of day will the sun shine on your balcony, and how can you best take advantage of the sun’s path using furniture. One way of ensuring you attract every last ray is to purchase a lounger or chair which can easily be moved to face the sun as it moves across the sky. If you have the space for a table and a couple of chairs, date night on the balcony can be the ultimate staycation – though if in doubt or lacking in space, a picnic blanket can make a cute alternative. TOP TIP: If you’re dressing a small balcony space, consider buying light and neutral coloured pieces of furniture and accessories, to create a light and bright finish. Not only is this inviting and welcoming to walk out to every day, but it will also create the illusion of a larger space.

Accessorising a balcony

Making the most of the space on your balcony means investing in some clever accessories which provide practical benefits while also looking great. One accessory that is pinnacle to being able to enjoy your balcony at all times of day, is a light – with our favourite balcony lights hanging from wires which you can drape around the space. Not only do these lights always provide a chic finish, but they do not take up any valuable floor space. Another accessory that we know our members love is outdoor cushions and throws – perfect for when the evening cools, or you want to create a cosy cocoon in which to read a book or get on with some work. Other great accessories for a balcony include a parasol or beach style umbrella to shield the sun, a beer fridge to provide easy access to your favourite summer drinks, and a speaker or two to turn your balcony into the ultimate relaxation or party space.

The best retailers for balcony furniture and accessories

Aside from outdoor retailers who provide the best quality of furniture, we recommend looking into smaller scale and independent retailers when it comes to dressing your space. Being able to ensure a finish that is entirely your own is best achieved with unique pieces that compliment and perfectly juxtapose each other – with some of the best quality and most affordable options available through small businesses.

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