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Lamp Posts & Bollards

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Lamp Posts & Bollards

Lighting outside needs to be both useful and easy on the eye. Arguably it is the first impression any visitor has of your home, so it’s important to use your outside lighting to set the tone.

The traditional options for lampposts in the garden tend to diffuse light downwards to light paths and driveways with shades that direct light away from other homes and try to minimise general light pollution. When you choose yours, consider the style of the base, post and shade and find the option that gels seamlessly with the exterior of your home. If you have a beautiful 1930s villa, then go for an art deco style, perhaps matching your original windows or on a mock Tudor house consider a lantern style lamp post.

The aesthetic appeal of a Victorian lamppost in a traditional garden is timeless, they can make a walk in the garden at dusk feel like stepping into your own slice of magical woodland. They have a very practical side as well, they have a soft glow and allow your guests to find your home without having to start inspecting any aged pebbledash. Like soft candle lighting, they skim imperfections and give a welcoming air.

If you want your lamp posts to look aged to fit in with a period property, then you are in luck. A new copper fitting without varnish can oxidise in a matter of a few short months and take on the heritage green teal colour that we are all used to seeing on distinguished statues. You would never know it was a modern, LED fixture that is good for the environment to boot. You can also find lamp posts in sprayed metal finishes and distressed effects to look natural from the moment they are installed.

Lamp posts are particularly important to fix in place well. Having a tall beautiful feature means that you have to plan in case of high winds. A good base and fixing are a big help in keeping your lamp post upright. You could opt for a lamp post that comes with a root post, that you can have rooted deep into the ground for stability which you then fix in place with a small square of concrete or a lamp post attached to a metal box frame. Check with an electrician that your plan for wiring is up to scratch with your local regulations to make sure your beautiful fitting will last.

Bollards can serve a similar purpose to lamp posts but they are slightly more modern and slightly more task-focused. Bollards used in a garden are usually a foot or two tall, as opposed to those in use outside the home. Some bollards emit their own light and need to be wired in or have a power source whereas others are simply reflective, so when a car’s lights hit them, they bounce it back to create visibility for themselves and the driveway.
Modern bollards in sleek aerodynamic shapes lend themselves to reflectors and strip lights beautifully as well as solar-powered lights. More traditional shaped bollards with fluting or integral patterns and designs can also house subtle solar panels to support small lights. Wrought iron, brass or copper bollards can make a lovely touch with a rich texture and subtle sheen in the daytime and a practical guiding light at night. Timber is another great option for a choice that will blend in seamlessly with the natural textures of your garden.

Whether your home is surrounded by roses and a shrubbery or a sculpted zen garden, you will find a lighting option to guide you home among the wonderfully wide range of lamp posts and bollards.

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