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Shower & Bath Mats

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Shower & Bath Mats

While the majority of modern homeowners seek bathrooms with tiled flooring or hard surfaces which dry more quickly and are easier to clean, most bathrooms would not be complete with a bath or shower mat to provide the perfect stepping stone between the water and the floor. After all, though we choose hard surfaces which can withstand water being dripped on them, still we choose to provide ourselves with a mat to soak up the initial soaking as we step out of the bath and the shower – often made from a towelled or thick material which will dry quickly without soaking through and leaving a damp patch on the floor underneath.

The benefits of shower and bath mats

There are a number of benefits which come with owning a bath or shower mat, including:

  • A comfortable and dry surface to step onto when you get out of the shower or bath

  • A pop of colour in your bathroom which provides a little design to an otherwise often quite plain floor

  • A receptacle for any splashes of water which escape the bath or shower

  • They are easier to clean than an entire carpeted floor

Of course, with every benefit comes a series of considerations and areas to give thought to, namely the hazards which come with a bath or shower mat, and the best ways to overcome them. The primary hazard which needs to be considered is the potential of the mat slipping as you step onto it, causing accidents and severe injuries no matter how balanced you think you are. Perhaps the easiest and quickest way to combat this is to purchase a non-slip under mat alongside your regular mat, which sits between the mat and the floor and provides a more stable base which will not slip. These can often be purchased cheaply from homeware and soft furnishing stores, as well as specialist bath retailers.

Choosing the best shower or bath mat

When it comes to choosing the perfect mat for your bathroom, we need to consider the benefits of both a stylish finish and a comfortable design. For example, you want something which will feel good underneath your feet – and that means something which dries quickly so that the next time you use it, it’s ready to go. After all, there’s nothing worse than stepping out onto a damp bath mat! There is a fine line in the bath mat market between thick carpeted pile feeling great but not being very effective when it comes to drying and absorbing water. And while a thinner mat may not look as luxurious or feel as comforting between your toes, often these are the ones which dry the fastest. Be sure when selecting your mat that the design is suitable for water and will not create damp patches on the floor beneath it over time. And if you’re concerned about the aesthetics of choosing your bath or shower mat, we believe that your mat is an opportunity to stand out. Remember that, if it’s sitting in the middle of the floor, your mat is very unlikely to be able to blend into its surroundings and appear invisible, so you might as well use it to add some fun and personality to your bathroom. Strong patterns and bold colours are popular across bath mat retailers, with some of our favourite designs found across both homeware stores and soft furnishing retailers who specialise in bath mat and towelling sets which compliment each other and create a harmonious design feel.

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