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The stages of life, from childhood right through to adulthood, are documented in the different beds we occupy over the years. From cots to toddler beds, midi or bunk beds shared with siblings, to single beds and double beds shared with those we love, the place where we sleep is arguably the most important item of furniture in the house – providing everything from a safe place to hide from monsters, to a space for relaxation and optimum comfort. Of course, buying a bed is a big investment and making sure you get it right is key to comfort and a quality nights’ sleep – which can affect all other aspects of your life in either a positive or negative way, depending on how well you sleep.

How you know you need a new bed

If a spurt of growth has your child’s feet hanging over the edge of their bed, it might be time for an upgrade. One of our top suggestions, particularly in toddler and early childhood years, is to buy a bed bigger than they originally need – under the understanding that they will grow into the bed and that it will last longer. TOP TIP: If you are starting to find your bed uncomfortable and are considering buying a new one, check that it isn’t simply the mattress that needs replacing rather than the bed itself. Often if your mattress becomes lumpy or a few springs become loose, this can impact the quality of your sleep hugely – and it is easier to replace a mattress than an entire bed frame!

Top considerations when buying a new bed

The high street is filled with retailers promising all sorts of beds – from stylish four poster beds through to innovative beds which provide space saving solutions ideal for a small room or an intermittently-used guest bedroom, all the way through to sofa beds and fold-up beds. The first thing to consider when you go bed shopping is where the bed is going to go and what functionalities you need from it. For the best use of space, beds with empty space below them allow for easy storage of boxes and other clutter; while a midi bed or bed on stilts provides the perfect shelter beneath it for a work desk, children’s play area or the perfect secret den. Then we come to the space itself – how much space is there in the room, and how much space will you need at either side of the bed to allow for easy access and additional furniture. Often our members measure the space and bring home a large bed, only to find that they have completely filled the width available with no extra space for a bedside table. Do you need to pay full price? Unlike fashion trends and clothing styles, “out of season” beds are just as effective as “current” bed lines – often with very minor alterations such as the frame colour or the design of the headboard. The truth is, when you buy a bed you are looking for something that you like and which suits your bedroom, and so you shouldn’t always let yourself be swayed by the high street retailers who promise the more trendy beds every season. Consider heading to outlets and furniture warehouses who are selling reduced stock which is from the previous season. And when buying remember to try out the bed where possible – ideally heading to those retailers with showrooms and assembled beds for you to examine. And finally, don’t forget to check the delivery terms and ensure that once the bed gets to your home you will be able to get it in the house!

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