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Sun Loungers

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Sun Loungers

When it comes to basking in the sun, we know that our members like to invest in items of garden furniture which are comfortable, practical, and in keeping with the stylistic finish of their garden. Whether that means selecting natural surfaces to reflect a tropical oasis, or more modern items in neutral colours which allow a modern inside space to extend seamlessly in the great outdoors, the types of furniture our members look for varies dependent on individual taste – and sun loungers are no different. Some of the best sun loungers currently available on the market are in fact reclining chairs, offering a dual purpose which allows the user to sit upright or lie back, depending on the activity they wish to engage in, and the position of the sun. Other varying factors include the material used, the style of lounger, and the addition (or not) of a padded cushion.

The benefits of a good sun lounger

Spending time outside in the sunshine is good for both your physical and mental wellbeing – and giving yourself time to relax is equally beneficial. Thus, an item which encourages relaxing in the sun is a winner when it comes to your overall health and wellbeing – provided you also invest in a good sun cream and are safe in the sun! A sun lounger which is well made should support the entire length of your body, with the addition of padding or a removable cushion providing optimum comfort for your back and shoulders. Some of our favourite loungers also include a head rest which is slightly elevated to give your neck the best possible support. Other benefits include an elevated garden experience with different seating available, and a welcoming atmosphere for guests which shows them that your garden is somewhere to relax and enjoy.

How much will a good sun lounger cost?

The cost of your sun lounger will vary hugely depending on the retailer, the material used to make your sun lounger, and its durability and life span. Wooden structures are arguably the most popular, with synthetic fibre rattan-style loungers also popular thanks to their modern style and reliability in all weather conditions. Some of the cheapest sun loungers are made from plastic and it is these which you are most likely to find outside resort hotels and on holiday beaches across Europe – as they are cheap to buy and replace, and unlikely to break. However, plastic loungers tend to look a little tacky, so if you are intending to buy just one or two as a statement feature for your own garden, consider spending a little more on a timeless wooden design – available across most garden centres (seasonal collections only), department stores and specialist retailers. Another option is to look at independent marketplace retailers and crafters, who often provide great quality items at a higher price – great for a more long term investment.

Using my sun lounger as part of my outdoor decoration

When it comes to turning your garden into your own slice of outdoor heaven, the material and style you select can be key to the overall design and look of the garden. Wooden structures tend to be really popular with buyers, particularly those who purchase separate cushions and padding to add a pop of colour in a style or design of their choosing. Metal frames are also growing in popularity thanks to their reliability and the mechanisms which make them light and easy to switch from seats to loungers, creating more of an industrial or modern feel in your garden.

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