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Bath Towels & Sheets

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Bath Towels & Sheets

Contrary to popular belief, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to bath towels. From small towels designed for drying your hands, through to large bath sheets perfect for wrapping yourself up in after a long bath, towels are generally designed for both the practical purpose of drying your body, and the sense of comfort and warmth associated with stepping out the bath and into a large towel.

Comfort vs Style

The thing about towels is that after frequent use and an extended period of time, eventually they become scratchy and hard – the softness quite literally washed out of them with regular use and washing. It is recommended that you pick up a fresh towel at least once a week, meaning that most homeowners choose to have a selection of bath towels available to always keep fresh and clean ones in rotation. Not only is this suitable for hygiene requirements, but it also keeps them feeling comfortable and retains their towelling material which dries our bodies. Much of the towelling comfort and effectiveness comes with the quality you choose to buy – often meaning that the more you spend on your towels, the better they will be both before and after their first wash. For the best quality you can pay anything from tens of pounds up to hundreds of pounds, so make sure you head to a department store or homeware retailer with a wide enough collection that you get a decent range to choose from. But while comfort is no doubt important, and keeping the practical benefits of the towel in good shape will ensure they stay fresh for as long as possible, choosing bath towels and sheets which fit with your overall design can mean the difference between a bathroom which is relaxing and one that isn’t.

The best designs for bath towels and sheets

When selecting bath towels and sheets, one of the top considerations is the size and natural light in your bathroom space, and how any soft furnishings may impact the appearance and atmosphere of the room. For a small bathroom with an enclosed shower cubicle, the overall feel of the bathroom can be made even smaller due to the large shower blocking off half the room. To compliment your space, consider neutral coloured towels with no pattern – or if you do want a pattern, select something subtle and pale in colour. If you have a larger bathroom, consider opting for towels which might bring a little playful fun into your bathroom – for example tropical prints, more vibrant colours, or eye-catching patterns.

Storing bath towels and bath sheets

Bath towels and sheets tend to be quite big – and storing them without taking up too much space can sometimes be challenging, especially when you have a large family of individual towels which all need to be hung up, dried, and ready for use again. If you’re concerned about space or the aesthetics of hanging your towels up, consider some more innovative storage solutions. Some of our favourite options include heated towel rails attached to the wall (providing both a hanging solution and warmth to dry your towels quickly), whimsical towel hooks at different levels (ideal for adults and for children), and a specific towel bin which can hold all your towels until you have time to put them in a tumble dryer and restore their fluffy finish. All these options and more can be discussed during your bathroom installation, or can be purchased as extra accessories at a later date.

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