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Baby Blankets and Swaddles

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Baby Blankets and Swaddles

Whether you prefer the traditional swaddles or the freedom of a standard baby blanket, the purpose of both is to keep your baby safe and warm. Various cultures around the world put much of a baby’s comfort and ability to sleep in the hands of a swaddle, stating that the cocoon-like comfort is what helps the baby feel at ease, soothed and less likely to cry.

The benefits of swaddling your baby as opposed to wrapping them in a blanket

With slightly more structure involved in the swaddling of a baby, it is said that the tighter fit ensures that they don’t jerk themselves awake when they move as they sleep. All our members will know that a sleeping baby is not one you want to disturb, and so the idea that a swaddle can keep them comforted and less likely to wake themselves up is a key benefit which sees swaddles flying off the shelves all year round. Swaddling is the closest a baby can get to feeling “cuddled” without actually being picked up, and so the idea is that this comfort helps them feel relaxed – more so than if they were simply wrapped loosely in a blanket. While blankets provide an important layer of warmth and are often designed with the cutest patterns, the key downfall of using a blanket is the excess material which simply gets wrapped up in your baby’s limbs and can cause more distress than comfort. Many of our members feel that baby blankets are perfect for laying over your baby in a pram or when sat on someone’s lap, but if left to their own devices it is far safer and more comfortable to wrap them in a thin swaddle which they cannot become tangled up in.

The risks associated with swaddling

Despite the many high points of using a swaddle, there are a few risks that buyers should be aware of – and which may have you turning instead to the more standard baby blanket. The key risk is simply wrapping your baby up too tightly in the swaddle – an act which can damage mobility in the long term if done regularly, as it can cause problems with the hips and joints. It is also important, if you intend on swaddling your baby, to do so from birth so that they are used to it. If you start at a later date, they will simply become distressed. If in doubt, there are many tutorials online about how best to swaddle your baby – keeping them safe and warm without causing any discomfort. You may also find that the retailer you buy your swaddle from provides some expert guidance on using your swaddle – most likely to be found across baby stores and department retailers with baby departments.

Picking the best blanket or swaddle for my baby

On the whole, swaddles tend to be quite thin whereas blankets are often a little thicker. Though both come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as designs and materials, we suggest opting for something which is easy to wash and able to be washed regularly. In terms of design, use a baby blanket as a means for engaging your baby and drawing their eye to different shapes, patterns, and colours. Some of our favourite baby blanket designs showcase popular children’s characters, vibrant patterns and themes which either match your nursery or provide some colour to an otherwise fairly neutral space.

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