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Scatter Cushions

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Scatter Cushions

When you first walk into a soft furnishing or home styling store and spot the cushion section, what is it that you look for and prioritise in your purchase?

Is it the fabric and the way that the cushion stands out as a unique accessory?

Is it the way that certain cushions work together with complimentary patterning and colours, designed to create a set which provides contrast in a harmonious way?

Is it the way the fabric appears and the way it welcomes you into a specific space in the home?

Or is it a combination of all of the above?

When it comes to choosing scatter cushions, we believe and recommend that buyers should take notice of every aspect of the cushion – including how it looks on its own and how it sits with the rest of a complimentary set.

What are scatter cushions used for?

If we strip it back, scatter cushions are essentially designed and selected for their decorative value and the way that they add to the comfort and welcome of a space. As you move through the home, you will find that your eye is drawn to different areas and different spaces – immediately deciding whether or not they feel homely and welcoming or not. Adding a series of scatter cushions to these main gathering and focal points is a great of softening the overall look and creating the illusion of comfort through literal padding – with some of the most welcoming spaces in the home including reading corners and play areas which are furnished and decorated with stylised cushions.

Using scatter cushions throughout the home

To start in the bedroom, this is where your scatter cushions are likely to grace the top end of your bed – adding vibrancy and colour to a neutrally decorated bedspread, or adding a little extra texture to a bed which is fairly two dimensional in its feel and appearance. For a child’s room, this may be through cushions decorated with their favourite characters and thematic motifs – for an adult bedroom, the decoration and texture could come from subtle patterning and the use of various tones and materials across one main block colour.

Moving into your living spaces, and this is where we tend to see scatter cushions used more freely – with homeowners choosing cushions which fill spare corners and plain armchairs; covering floor cushions and wooden crates as well as soft furnishings and sofas. In terms of decorative style, one of our favourite uses of scatter cushions throws together a variety of different textures and materials but all in the same colours – for example white and cream cushions which are silky, satiny, fluffy and canvas-y.

And then we have the odd corners and hallway spaces, often left unattended or free from soft furnishings but which can be instantly elevated through the inclusion of various scatter cushions. This is where we lean towards more vibrant colours and patterns to add life to very static spaces, for example using motifs and quotes, creatures and animals, and a variety of cushioned shapes in all different sizes.

Things to consider with your scatter cushions

The main thing you need to consider when choosing scatter cushions is the way that they will support and compliment your design style, in terms of their colouring and their texture. It is also worth considering the sizes and shapes of the cushions you choose, as cushions which are too small can quickly become lost in a large space, while cushions which are too large or vibrant in tone can become overpowering in a single space.

For the best scatter cushions on the market, head to decorative home styling stores and soft furnishing retailers.

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