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When you picture yourself sitting down to work or to write, where are you sat? Perhaps it’s a grand sweeping desk surrounded by matching furniture and covered with sheets of work, or perhaps it’s a small quaint desk looking out over countryside or seascapes. No matter what your workspace looks like, there is most likely a desk of some sort involved. Arguably the most popular office based item of furniture available on the market (matched only by desk chairs!) desks are the staple of a workspace, and as such should be selected carefully and cautiously.

Things to consider when selecting a desk

Firstly, what kind of look are you trying to achieve with your desk? Yes, it may just be a practical purchase for you to work from, but your desk is something you will have to look at every day and draw inspiration from time and time again – so it might as well be something that you like and is pleasing to the eye. Far from the solid and boring desks of old design, the retail market is now packed full of different options and designs which range from corner desks to sweeping curved desks, small ladder desks which lean against a wall and industrial style metal box creations – perfect for a rustic warehouse vibe. So whatever look you want to achieve, your desk should – and can – reflect that, with our wide selection of retail and brand options. Secondly, what is comfortable for you? You will be sat at your desk for extended periods of time, so we suggest that our members spend some time thinking about what layout is most comfortable for them, in terms of the desk height, the leg space, any shelving or drawer space which comes built in, and the overall size. Positioning your desk correctly will have an impact on its comfort and ease of use, but make sure you start on the right track by selecting the best design for you as an individual. Then we come to the materials used and the craftsmanship which goes into the creation of a desk. The simple truth is, higher the quality of the materials user, the longer the lifespan of your desk will be – it will be easier to maintain, will remain comfortable for longer, and will ensure a high level of productivity for years to come. Finally, the little details. Is your desk going to be used primarily to hold a computer and support technical work? If so, ensuring that there is either space down the back of the desk, or a hole through which to thread wires and hide them underneath, will maximise the working space available and make sure you don’t become distracted by excess wires.

Where can I find a great desk?

The most expensive desks tend to not always be the best, with some affordable retailers offering the finest in simple designs which come in a variety of sizes. Checking both dedicated office retailers and homeware stores is a good place to start, or you can look into the time and effort required to design your very own perfect desk. If you are looking to dress a whole office, it is worth looking at the retailers who offer full office furniture sets, with desks which compliment and match other items such as drawer sets, filing cabinets and shelving units. Often these provide a discount on each item if brought as a set, and can create a really clean finish to ensure your office looks and feels comfortable and stylish.

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