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Artificial Flowers

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Artificial Flowers

Filling your home with flowers is a great way to ensure a really fresh and clean finish, with different bouquets and arrangements suiting different styles of room. Of course, fresh real flowers can quickly become a little tired looking, creating mess and extra work as they start to drop their petals and fade into crisp shells of the flowers they once were – and that’s where artificial flowers come in. Guaranteed to always look as good as they day you first bought them, artificial flowers are an excellent way to combat the hassle of having flowers all over your home, ensuring the perfect finish every time.

The benefits of artificial flowers

First up, they always look great. Artificial flowers do not fade, and they aren’t seasonal like the real thing – meaning that buyers can select any type of flower they want, at anytime of the year. Likewise, why let country of origin and growing conditions get in the way? With artificial flowers, you can fill your home with any variety of flower from across the world, from Japanese blossom to the finest tulips from Amsterdam. And then there’s the cost – the fact is, artificial flowers are infinitely cheaper than the real thing, and as such many of our members find that they can invest in a lot more and still come in under their budget.

The best artificial flowers

The market around artificial flowers has developed significantly, with many of our retailers now specialising in flowers which can easily be mistaken for the real thing. Gone are the days of plastic stems and flimsy petals – now, with retailers who specialise in artificial flowers perfect for the home, using some of the most natural materials available, guests to your home won’t even be able to tell your flowers are fake. Homeware retailers are another branch who tend to offer artificial flowers alongside their real ones, with a large variety of finishes and qualities available. For our members, we recommend purchasing artificial flowers in store as much as possible rather than online from homeware retailers, to ensure the quality you are getting is what you expect. Another use of artificial flowers and one which we are seeing grow increasingly popular is in wedding bouquets – allowing the Bride and her family to keep hold of the flowers from their special day as a momentum which will last forever. These are typically available through specialist retailers rather than homeware or gift shops, with experts who can pull together the most realistic bouquet which matches your wedding theme and design finish.

Making your own

Of course, for those members who love a DIY activity there is always the option to make your own – from paper floral arrangements to those made of silk, crochet material or even knitting. One of the most stylish creations we have seen is the use of pages from a novel to create a paper rose, ideal as a gift for any book lover – and fun to make. If you aren’t up for making these yourself, many crafters and independent retailers offer artificial flowers made from natural materials which do not resemble real flowers but nonetheless create a stylish design feature – including wood, ceramics and even coloured glass for a really elegant finish.

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