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Kitchen & Dining Furniture

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Kitchen & Dining Furniture

While some of our members have a separate kitchen and dining room to keep cooking and eating in different areas, others have more of an open plan layout – and others still simply choose to set their day-to-day dining furniture in their kitchen for ease and comfort. The fact is, the kitchen is often the heart of the home and is generally a very welcoming place, where we like to entertain our friends and create lovely meals for our family. Investing in the right furniture for both preparing and serving food is key to making use of the space you have and really making the heart of the home your favourite room in the house.

Decide on the kind of style you want your kitchen and dining area to have

Whether you prefer a sleek and professional style kitchen and dining area, or more of a country farmhouse vibe, the furniture you ultimately choose will be the defining feature which sets apart your chosen design and style. Cleanliness and hygiene are the ultimate goals when it comes to keeping your kitchen well organised, but that doesn’t mean we can’t invest in some homely and unique pieces. White marble is one material which is popular across many work surfaces and dining tables, though it is worth noting that you may find yourself constantly cleaning up after the slightest spillage. For a more user friendly option – particularly for young families – that still looks super classy and sleek, consider a black countertop with specks of other colours and materials. Not only is this a stylish way to raise the grandeur of your kitchen and tabletop, but it also disguises spillages more easily. Another popular option is wood – durable, reliable, and entirely rustic looking in a way which oozes a natural charm and brings the outside in. Wooden worksurfaces are not necessarily recommended and so you will find that many kitchen retailers will provide you with options to fill your kitchen and dining area with natural wood, and then juxtapose the natural finish with a completely different work top – for example coloured tiling or a neutral marble top.

Do you need a separate dining table, or would you prefer a breakfast bar?

Many homeowners like to have the option of a dining table for when they are entertaining or for special family meals, but on a daily basis prefer to eat most meals at a breakfast bar located in the kitchen – primarily for ease and comfort. In short, the addition of a breakfast bar is where kitchen and dining furniture unite as one – with many kitchen designers and retailers offering breakfast bars and even separate islands as innovative dining solutions which make full use of the kitchen space and alleviate the need for extra tables. While popular with those who boast large kitchens, breakfast bars are also a great solution for those with limited space who are unable to fit a full dining table into their home.

Buying the best kitchen and dining furniture

Buying kitchen furniture doesn’t necessarily have to mean a full revamp and restructure, with many retailers offering one-off pieces, structural additions and even individual kitchen units that you can fit yourself. The dining furniture you bring into your kitchen has the power to alter the overall feel of the room, so we recommend that whatever you style you go for, throw everything at it. If you’re creating a harmony between the kitchen and dining furniture then use similar styles and finishes, but equally if you want to keep the area separate then invest in pieces which juxtapose and result in different textures. The kitchen is the heart of the home so keep it alive with colour and playful design ideas.

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