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Nest of Tables & Sets

The history of table nests is far longer than many modern buyers expect, with the earliest designs popping up in homes as early as the 18th century; primarily to store away gaming boards such as Checkers. These were known as “Quartetto Tables” and have since become a staple in the modern home thanks to their plethora of practical uses and their increasingly stylish designs.

The benefits of owning a nest of tables

First and foremost, the top benefit of any style of nest of tables – no matter what the design finish or material – is how useful they are at creating the maximum amount of surface space when it is needed. Perfect for stacking in a corner as a nest, only to be pulled out on family games night or when you invite friends over for drinks, nest tables are perfect for all different homes and create an inoffensive feature in any room of the home. Other benefits include:

  • They make perfect tables for children as they grow up, allowing the child to upgrade to larger tables as they grow.

  • They are easy to move about and so can create a feature in any room which is then easy to shift about for a fresh look.

  • They are available in so many different styles that nests of table can be used both inside and outside.

  • They don’t always have to be simply stacked or separated – consider pulling each table out a little way to create more of a staircase of shelving surfaces, and then furnished these with plants, photos, and other ornaments. The versatility is huge!

The most popular designs of nest tables

From thick hardwood planked tables to glass topped tables and delicate metal structures, the modern market around nests of tables is flooded with different design options. Some of the earliest designs were made from dark varnished wood – a trend which is still popular now in traditional homes. However, many furniture and homeware retailer shave altered their designs in line with the increased call for rustic wood and more modern finishes – and we don’t just mean in the material used. Innovative table designs and structures are one of the things which stand out and take a modern nest of tables from a practical item to more of a focal feature point. Cube shaped tables which stack inside each are one example, while the popular Scandinavian home styling trend has led to a spike in the number of circular tables with spindly legs being turned into nest tables. For those members considering investing in a nest of tables set but unsure which style to go for, look at your current home styling and think about how you want your nest of tables to be perceived amongst the other furniture in particular. Do you want it to stand out, in which case we suggest looking at retailers who stock bolder colours and more innovative designs; or do you want your nest of tables to blend in with the room and simply become something practical to be used when it is needed – in which case a more standard design made from a natural wood or industrial metal base may be best. In any case, the best options on the modern market are available are furniture retailers and nest of table specialists – with the latter likely offering the widest selection of styles and designs. If you are interested in investing in an older style nest, second hand dealers generally stock nests ideal for a more traditional home.

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