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Cushion Covers

How many times have you purchased a new piece of furniture, only to find that the existing cushions no longer match the furniture, and you need a new set? The beauty of removable cushion covers is that replacing old cushions is now a more sustainable activity which encourages you to bring out your interior stylist – allowing you to keep using the same cushion while just periodically changing the cover to suit the room, furniture, or even the season. The fact is, the cushion covers we use to decorate our items of furniture and our homes are indicative of the kind of interior stylist we are – with cushions reflecting our favourite colours, patterns, and our moods. The modern and contemporary styling, which is increasingly being seen across many homes today, boasts clean lines and neutral furniture – relying on cushions and other decorative accessories to bring in colour and personality. Let’s look at how this can be achieved.

Using cushion covers to add personality

One of the best ways to use cushion covers is to add pops of colour to a room – whether it’s the whimsical characters and bright colours preferred by children in a playroom, or bold colours added to a neutral sofa in your living space. For those who are really keen to add a unique touch through their cushion covers, making your own covers can be a fun way to use up favourite materials or even old clothes which no longer fit. Knitted and crocheted cushion covers are another trend growing in popularity, creating a rustic and cosy finish. Intricate patterning is something else we love to see on cushion covers, particularly for use in minimalist rooms where the cushion covers are being used to add texture and a focal feature. Floral patterns and delicate designs are a great way to draw focus to your sofa and other seating areas.

Using cushion covers to celebrate the seasons

Celebrating Christmas, Summer and everything in between is something we like to see across indoor decorating – and cushion covers is one super easy way to do this without much effort. Using the same base cushions, simply have a selection of covers on hand for the different seasons and rotate them as necessary. TOP TIP: Consider adding an outdoor cover to your repertoire, for those summer days when all you want to do is bask in your outdoor space. Outdoor cushion covers tend to be a little more durable with thicker coverings which are easier to wipe clean.

Where to buy the best cushion covers

When it comes to buying cushion covers, though we encourage members and other buyers to recycle the actual cushion as often as possible, sometimes you will find that your desired cover does not fit any existing cushions you own. As such, always make sure that you check the sizing, and bear in mind that many homeware and soft furnishing retailers stock their own individual sizes to try and encourage you to always purchase covers and base cushions from them. If you are looking to mix and match, we would recommend always going slightly up in size with the cover rather then the cushion itself, as you can always add a little extra padding – but fitting a larger cushion into a small cover is a challenge. For the best selection of covers on the market, homeware specialists and interior decorating retailers are ideal – whether you choose to buy a readymade cover, or instead consider purchasing the material to make it yourself.

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