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Hand Towels

When we pay to stay away from home, perhaps in a hotel or holiday resort, one thing we always expect to see in the bathroom is a hand towel – perfectly placed to dry our hands after washing, and chosen to fit perfectly with the design aesthetic of the bathroom it lives in. As we know, many of our members are keen hosts and hostesses, regularly entertaining and inviting friends and family to stay for overnight trips and long weekends. As such, dressing a welcoming guest suite complete with its own bathroom is an important part of providing a great stay – and that means rotating a clean and attractive set of hand towels.

How many hand towels do I need?

Whether catering for guests or just for family, hand towels are used multiple times throughout the day and as such can quickly become a little damp and dirty. Washing and replacing your hand towels every couple of days is optimum for one family bathroom, although if you have more than one bathroom you may be able to do this less regularly as the usage will be spaced out. When guests come to stay, whether or not they have access to their own private bathroom we suggest that you still provide them with their own hand towel as well as shower or bath towel, as this will enable them to feel welcome and at home, without having to share with the whole family. For a great experience, this set of towels can be left on their bed in a small pile – and can be picked up at any number of homeware retailers or department stores who sell towels in matching sets of different sizes.

Storing hand towels

When in use, a hand towel should ideally be hung from a rail or a hook as this will give it the best chance of staying dry and well aired in between uses. While folding a hand towel may look more attractive in the short term, this compact method of storage for a hand towel in use will most likely let the damp sink in and stay on the material, meaning the next user will be faced with a damp towel. After washing and when not in use, store hand towels in a warm dry cupboard or an airing cupboard if you’ve got one – to keep them dry and warm, and ready for use.

Using hand towels as a tool for decorating

Despite its mainly practical use and small size, a hand towel has the power to make or break a design finish in your bathroom. Hanging in central position next to the sink, the hand towels you select should compliment the finish of your bathroom – whether that means subtly blending in, or standing out with a pop of colour. White hand towels are popular thanks to their design aesthetic and pleasing appearance, although do be aware that any dirt or stains will very clearly show up on a white towel, and so they can quickly become unusable. If you like the idea of a plain towel but want to avoid white, consider a light grey as an alternative. Hand towels regularly come as part of complimentary sets as discussed above, although they can also be purchased separately – often for a slightly more premium price than the package deal. When looking for the best hand towels, head straight to the linen section of any homeware of department retailer, and pay close attention to the thickness and texture of the towels as this can determine their effectiveness and how long they will stay soft.

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