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Artificial Plants & Trees

Flowers bring a welcome reminder of the natural world into our homes. The sight of a bright bunch of flowers instantly lifts a space and gives the person seeing them a psychological boost. Sometimes we would all like to have that pleasure without the inconvenience of having to trim the stems of the bouquet, change the water, add plant food and wash the vase when the flowers wilt. You can save yourself the hassle by opting for a tasteful and realistic artificial bloom, bouquet or arrangement. A beautiful artificial arrangement will arrive in full flower and bloom for many years to come with no need to fuss. It might even be possible to improve a little on Mother Nature’s handiwork. Artificial flowers can be that little bit more perfect than the real thing. There will be no chance of blight or blemishes on your bouquet and you can order a colour that is a little more vivid and vibrant than you could find at the florist’s shop. If you want a rose that comes in just the right shade of lilac or a marigold that comes in a cornflower blue, then you will be able to suit your decor perfectly with artificial flowers. Crepe paper roses lend a room a sophisticated vintage vibe with any colour under the sun, or you could get away from the tricky parts of keeping houseplants by stocking up on artificial spider plants. Faux ivy is a great way to create an atmosphere in a conservatory or on a balcony without the danger to your walls from climbing outdoor plants. If misting air plants is not for you, then you don’t have to give up on the desert-inspired aesthetic they give. You can keep artificial flowers in a vase, a pot or a glass display bowl according to your personal style. Artificial wreaths and artificial garlands can be reused and brought out for several different occasions rather than being single-use, so you never have to worry about your favourites being out of stock. You can also use an artificial plant in more areas of your home, there is no need to worry about whether the plant is getting enough sunlight or whether their container has enough drainage. You can place your display where it looks best without any extra steps. Artificial flowers are also perfectly suited for special occasions. Many brides have wished they could keep their bouquet forever, but only with artificial flowers is that a possibility. Silk peonies and gypsophila offer a permanently romantic ornament for your mantelpiece or to hand down to the next generation. All you should need to keep them in mint condition is a gentle feather duster or a damp cloth. When you’re choosing your artificial flower arrangement you will have more choice than you would at a normal florist. You don’t have to worry about what flowers are in season, just which ones would look best. You can buy individual blossoms to create your own arrangement or if you’re keener to have an expert do the design, you can buy ready-made arrangements which will stand the test of time. Artificial trees are a great solution if you have a shady patio or balcony that needs a sense of vibrancy but also needs to be low maintenance. You can enjoy the outdoors without having hours to spare, pruning and tending your own topiary hedges. Careful attention goes in to manufacture a replica of every leaf and branch, from an artificial fir to a potted lavender tree. Buy yourself a bunch of flowers that will make you smile for as long as you like.

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