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Ceiling Lights

Designing the lighting for your home is sometimes focused around the specific objects you want to light. For example, the countertop, the sink, the painting or the dining room table. What this approach misses is that while all these things benefit from highlights and task lighting, there is a general backdrop of light which needs to be established first. A canvas for your accents to build on. Very few homes are designed to have full natural light in every room, even during the middle of the day so ceiling lighting will take on the central role in most rooms for a good share of the day. Ambient light is part of what gives a space it’s personality and the less direct, wide scope light of a ceiling light can be a lovely way to lift the room without harshness. A soft glow smooths out impurities but makes everyday tasks easier. A ceiling light is a perfect way to provide this and use an underutilised surface in the room as a place for creative expression. Ceiling lights can take on many styles and the different choices can project many different effects and intensities of light. Most ceiling lights are placed centrally but if you are considering lighting that is made up of lots of smaller spotlights then you might find that you need to consider the placement of your ceiling lights too. A clear bulb is often a good choice for any kind of ceiling light, LED lights and filament LED bulbs are widely available so you have the chance to keep the vintage look as well as a more post-millennial feel without sacrificing anything on eco-credentials or durability. Ceiling lighting can be a handful of spotlights alone, an oversized pendant light, a low hung feature lamp over a bedside or above a coffee table or a close-fitted cluster of lights that give out beaming illumination to help your decor shine. Whatever your taste, there is a choice that will allow your identity to shine through your interiors. Close fitted ceiling lights are a wise choice in small spaces where you don’t want to overpower the other features whereas in a larger space a ceiling light or narrow scope spotlight can help direct people into cosy zones but that doesn’t mean you need to choose something spartan. Close fitted ceiling lighting can feature compact faceted mirrors or crystal beading to make sure that you don’t lose the luxury feel as well as taking on modern geometric shapes or simple domes. For an option short of a full pendant fitting you could choose a semi-flush ceiling light which gives a few inches clearance from the ceiling to give the impression of a hanging light and the benefit of the shadow and reflection of a carefully shaped light. There are beautiful metal leaf fixtures and shades which reflect like the shadow of a tree branch over your ceiling and bounce light into other areas to diffuse it all at once. If you want to go big, then you should consider a chandelier. Modern or traditional, crystal or burnished wood. The kind of ceiling lights that work in a bathroom, a hallway, a bedroom, living room or even a studio. Three-tiered crystal and glass will make you feel like you’re arriving at the ball every time you walk into the room and a copper or wood chandelier will remind you that you aren’t any old celebrity. You are a one of a kind work of art, making your home reflect you. Ceiling lights allow you to realise your vision for the room and form the basis of your lighting design, they should be the first step and your first thought as you design your space.

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