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LED Spotlights

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LED Spotlights

One of the best things about indoor and outdoor spotlights is that they allow you to alter and adjust the direction of light in line with your requirements, with many homeowners selecting lights which can be mounted onto the wall at the desired height and then angled downwards or sideways to project light where it is needed.

Of course, LED bulbs have their own set of advantages, not least their cheap purchase price but also the wide plethora of colours and light intensities you can get, and the fact that they use far less energy than standard bulbs which makes them more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Top uses of LED spotlights

The top uses for LED spotlights cross over the threshold of the home to be used inside and outside, with some of the most popular spotlights actually being formed of more than one light head on one ceiling or wall attachment depending on the size of the room or space to be lit.

We tend to find LED lighting particularly useful in family homes as the technology allows the light to create and maintain a consistent beam without the bulb ever getting hot – meaning the bulb is safe for use around small children as well as adults, minimising the risk of injury. LED bulbs are also extremely durable and provide a bright enough light for steamy bathrooms as well as the dark of outdoor spaces, with the use of one or more spotlights allowing for different light heads to push beams of light in different directions.

When it comes to complimenting a modern living space in particular, the use of light is really important in creating depth and adding texture to a room, with spotlights allowing for specific regions to be lit while maintaining shadows in other areas to add visual interest to the room. This is particularly useful in larger rooms or hallways and can be highlighted through the use of spotlight surrounds and mounts which channel the flow of light in a single direction rather allowing it to span outwards.

If you want to create a solid foundation of light in a room however, larger spotlights with wider edges create more of a continuous flow of light, letting the brightness of the LED shine around the space. This is a popular use of LED spotlighting in bathrooms in particular.

Things to consider with LED spotlights

The main thing to consider when using an LED light is the colour temperature – with standard light settings often providing a very white and bright light which can become overpowering in some spaces, particularly those which are quite small or limited in natural light. To create a good balance in the space you are lighting, consider how the natural light already adds warmth to the room and then select a colour temperature which will compliment rather than clash with that colouring.

The other thing to consider is the positioning of your lights to ensure balance, as the one risk with spotlights is that a random selection of more than one light can very quickly become problematic in terms of aesthetic balance if you don’t locate the lights at an equal height and with a consistent distance between them. The best way to do this is to measure your space, decide on the optimum number of lights, and draw or mark their location on the wall before installation.

The best LED spotlights are long lasting and high in quality, and can be found across homeware, lighting and garden retailers depending on your requirements and needs.

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