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Furniture Covers

The term ‘furniture covers’ is one with more than one meaning – with some retailers choosing to group sofa and chair covers under the umbrella term, while others regard furniture covers as those which are used to protect the furniture rather than add to its decorative and aesthetic value.

Furniture covers for aesthetic value

The main thing you need to look for in a furniture cover purchased for aesthetic value, is the fit of the cover and the way that it sits atop and hugs the contours of the item of furniture which needs to be covered. These tend to be most popular for sofas and armchairs, with buyers preferring to pay for a brand new cover which elevates the appearance of their item, rather than scrap their existing piece and buy a whole new item of furniture. For a modern home, neutral colours and textured surfaces are the most popular options primarily because they allow the space to remain plain and simple in appearance, but still keep the item interesting and aesthetically pleasing by providing texture that adds to the depth of the room. A more rustic home meanwhile will find that they can afford to add a little more colour through their furniture cover, with many homes choosing to pick a solid coloured cover and then pair it with a series of throws and cushions in different patterns and shades. Remember that a furniture cover has the power to not only change how a piece of furniture looks but also how it feels, allowing you to use a new cover to completely transform the comfort of a piece and turn it from a statement occasional piece into something a little more homely – or vice versa. If in doubt about the best aesthetic cover for you, consider something a little more on the plain and neutral side, that can then be elevated and altered through the use of cushions and throws which add extra layers and depth to the appearance of the piece. The best furniture covers for aesthetic value tend to be tailormade in line with the measurements of your sofa or item of furniture, and are thus best found in department stores, furniture stores and specialist furniture covering retailers.

Furniture covers for protection

These are the covers you find in order to keep items of furniture safe from their surroundings, spanning across both indoor and outdoor items as necessary. Some of the most common furniture covers include BBQ covers and outdoor furniture covers as these are the items which require protection through adverse weather conditions and during out-of-season months when the items are not in use. One of the main things to consider when it comes to furniture covers for outside items, is ensuring that they are weatherproofed and will provide a well-sealed protective layer over the top of the item whatever the weather. Inside pieces of furniture meanwhile may require covering if they are particularly precious, or else during activities such as home decorating and moving. Popular examples include sofa covers and piano covers, and when it comes to finding furniture covers for these purposes we tend to recommend opting for a cover which is larger than the item in order to ensure that it is completely covered and to make the process easier for you. For a wide range of protective covers for various items of furniture, head to DIY stores and department stores, as well as homeware retailers.

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