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Children's Wallpaper

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Children's Wallpaper

Wallpaper is the home decorating solution that we all love – providing all the vibrancy and colour of a well formulated decorating place, with a smooth finish and super easy process. Gone are the days when we climbed atop ladders with wallpaper paste and strips of paper; instead reaching for the modern design of wallpaper which benefits from a sticky back and removal covering – ensuring complete control during installation.

Children’s wallpaper in particular is where imagination really comes to life, with many retailers now offering vast expanses of decorative options which range from more conservative scenes and simple colours, to full characterised images and thematic surroundings.

Of course, that’s not to say that wallpaper doesn’t offer up challenges – especially across the children’s ranges which so often reflect one large design rather than lots of small intricate patterns. The fact is wallpaper comes in strips – it always has done. And when those strips combine to form one large image, getting the positioning right during installation is absolutely key to a high quality finish – something buyers should be aware of on purchase.

The benefits of wallpaper

Wallpaper has long been one of the most popular home design solutions, offering not only different designs and colours with ease, but also providing walls and surfaces with different textures and finishes. Adding texture may not seem like an important part of decorating a child’s room, but in a home surrounded by neutral colours and clean cut lines, sometimes a little texture on the wall is enough to bring the room to life and provide a little more depth.

One of the challenges that many homeowners face when painting in particular, is covering up a previous design – and this is especially prominent in children’s rooms, which are more likely subject to frequent change as your children grow up and discover new favourite colours, new characters they love, and new design ideas they want in their room. The beauty of wallpaper is that one sheet is enough to cover whatever lies beneath it – whereas when it comes to paint, you often find yourself needing multiple coats to achieve the same level of finish. This not only comes at great expense but also takes time – and even then, may not provide as smooth a finish as a high quality wallpaper.

Examples of great children’s wallpaper

From under the sea themes to a plethora of characters from the movies and TV shows, wallpaper allows you to fill your child’s room with everything that inspires them and their imagination. From the relaxing pastel shades of nurseries through to the bright standout colours of early childhood, the environment you create in your children’s room will influence their creativity for years to come – and wallpaper gives you the freedom to make anything come true quickly and very easily.

Some of the best examples we have seen on the market come as a wallpaper roll, which is easy to buy and install as you simply stick the top side to the top of the wall and unroll as you stick – keeping the surface smooth.

For the widest selection of designs and colour ranges, head to DIY retailers and homeware interior stores, complete with wallpapers and complimentary furnishings to match the thematic style and colouring. If you’re worried about installation, home decorators are often well equipped to put up wallpaper efficiently and with a high quality finish, or you can employ the help of a friend or family member and do it yourself.

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