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Solar Lights

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Solar Lights

Solar lights are the future of our lighting options. A breeze to install, low cost to run and versatile in terms of appearance. There is a need for a step forward in lighting to meet our new budget needs and our awareness of the planet. Whether you are eco-conscious or not, the complete freedom to install your lights wherever you want, inside or out, is an incredible benefit. There is no need to worry about the safety aspect of attaching to mains power and no problem with the need to trail cables around to your lighting.

There could be a whole range of reasons that you have chosen to look at your lighting scheme afresh. Maybe you are renovating, redecorating or you have moved house and are looking to put your stamp on the place. You could be looking to install lanterns, string lights, spotlights or internally lit statues for your garden. Whatever you are looking for there is a solar option and there is no better time to look for an up to date lighting system.

Outdoor solar lighting is often the most simple option. The sun can shine directly onto the photovoltaic cell where the energy is converted into usable power which is converted into light. The photovoltaic cell allows an internal battery to charge and recharge over and over again, supplying a small battery for when your light is needed. LED bulbs are a particularly good choice with a solar light because they are more energy-efficient and will make the collected energy go further. Previous generations of solar light may have been less bright but that is firmly in the past with solar lights streaming ahead of conventional bulbs.

Amber LEDs and solar lights are a great choice for the lowest upfront outlay and the greatest energy efficiency, although many other colours and tones are available according to your decorating scheme.

Your solar lights could make themselves so low cost as to be almost free. The only costs you have to reckon with are the occasional replacements or maintenance for panels which you can expect to last years.

It could be that you just want to add a bit of creative touch to your apartment balcony where you catch a breath of fresh air after a long day. Your neighbours across the yard have some nice string lights on their balcony and you are starting to think about doing something similar.

Solar fairy lights look particularly beautiful wound around the structure of a trellis, a gazebo or a pergola and with none of the hassle or safety concerns about wiring them in. They draw the eye to the structure and twinkle gently to give just enough light to see without ruining the atmosphere for your evening breath of fresh air in the garden or a special party.

On the more practical side, you may want to install a security light in an area that would be impractical to wire and don’t want a light that it would be expensive to keep buying batteries for. A solar security light is the answer. Put your photovoltaic cell in the sun, on a garage or shed roof or simply attach it to a wall, pick a motion sensor-enabled solar light and you have what you were after. The styles are varied to suit your home’s exterior and they could help deter any burglars interest in your home.

You could even choose solar illuminated garden ornaments like owls, hedgehogs, birds or gnomes. Suit your own taste with an endearing touch that has the useful advantage of showing you where your garden path is. Solar lights can also be a suitable option for a greenhouse, you can then move the greenhouse and the lighting if you need to.

Solar lights are clean, green and as convenient as it gets. Put them up and you’ll wonder why you didn’t have them already.

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