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Porch Lights

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Porch Lights

Porch lights are more than a signpost to your door, you want your porch light to serve as an announcement of the personality of your home. It should welcome you in and set the tone for your guests. A porch light gives you somewhere to sort yourself out when you head out on a dark morning or come home at night, a little brightly lit enclave in while the world is dim and gloomy. Think of your porch light as your first impression.
It would be easy to overlook your choice of the porch light, it could seem a small detail but you will benefit over the long term if you think about the exterior aesthetic of your home. Think about how much light you need and how that will look in the context of your home.

If you have a beautiful Edwardian villa, that should influence you towards a tasteful period-appropriate feature. If you have art deco stained glass windows then you might want a porch light with a simple art deco floral shape or motif, to maintain the scheme. If you have a sleek modern home with plate glass windows and geometric shapes prominent in the design, then you may want a porch light with a simple shade that shows a clean white light. Globe lights without embellishment or cube and oblong lights. On a more neutral new build, you have more latitude but your choice can be even more important to set the tone.

The choice is delightfully wide to accommodate every sort of taste and personal style. Traditional wrought-iron lantern style porch lights are popular and they give a period touch to your porch or doorway. They are hard wearing and they age gracefully. For a combination of modern and traditional, you could choose a modern simple bulb or glass part to your fixture with a brass or copper metal fitting, to age and gain character quickly.

According to how exposed your porch is to the wind, you might want to choose a close-fitted or a pendant porchlight. Close fitted lights stand up especially well to high winds and storms, so if your part of the world is prone to temperamental weather, these could be a good choice. Hanging pendant lights add a dramatic dimension to a porch where they are possible but they may not be ideal for coastal homes.

For a more rustic look, you could look to the sea and have a porch light with a driftwood fitting. This is a particularly good look for a seaside home or hideaway. You also go for rustic, minimally treated wood sconces with an exposed Edison style bulb for a modern, nature-friendly appearance. Be consistent to make your exterior design scheme glow.

For minimal interference, if your porch is already full to the brim with hanging baskets, wind chimes or pot plants, you might want lighting without any obvious fixtures. Recessed spotlights are a perfect choice for this. They are typically low voltage and if you choose LED bulbs they will be energy efficient too. They can be fit on swivelling pivot fixtures to change direction and it is possible to get smart enabled LED porch spotlights that you can switch on and off from the car or your bed.
Porch lights with a motion sensor are a great choice for security and convenience. They respond to you when you walk up to your door but also deter intruders by being bright and responsive. Photocell triggered lights are a great option for the convenience of lights that turn off when it gets light and brighten when the sunsets. Solar-powered lights are another excellent way to avoid the need for higher power bills or wiring for your outside porch lights.

Let your porch light cheer you up every time you come home.

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