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Moses Baskets & Cribs

When a baby is born, it is unlikely that you will be able to anticipate and plan for all the different types of bed and bedding they will need. After all, a baby doesn’t just sleep when they are in their bed – they sleep all the time, whether that be on the move, during a visit to somewhere outside the home, or on your lap while you rest on the sofa. Being able to adapt and provide somewhere warm and safe for your baby – wherever you are – is key, and that’s where the Moses Basket comes in; providing a safe and portable alternative to the standard crib which will unlikely move from your room or nursery.

Exploring the Crib market

When it comes to selecting a crib for your baby, the first thing to note is that a crib is not the same as a cot – contrary to the popular belief that both items are one and the same. The beauty of a crib is that they are easy to put up and equally easy to fold down again – perfect for use if you want your baby to sleep next to you but do not have space for their full cot in your room. Not only will this help your baby to sleep soundly, but you will also be close enough to monitor them and feel confident that you will be there should they need you during the night. Cribs come in a variety of styles and sizes, with some featuring removable bedding baskets which become similar to a Moses basket and able to be transported about the home without disturbing the baby. Some of our favourite cribs on the current market include the standard and aesthetically pleasing wooden slatted frame cribs, and those created with a soft touch mesh edging, which allows your baby to turn their head and see outside the crib on both sides, without those hard edges that can cause a hazard if left uncovered. Another great feature seen in some cribs is the ability to swing the bed from side to side, to aid the process of helping your baby fall asleep.

The advantages to a Moses basket

Moses baskets’ boast one major advantage, and that is that they are completely transportable yet entirely comfortable for your baby. Carefully designed with handles that fully support and hold the weight of the basket, the design around a Moses basket is one which goes back generations, and yet is still out favourite option when it comes to taking a new baby out and about. Many high street retailers have combined the concept of a Moses basket with that of a crib, fitting their baskets to detachable rocking frames which provide all the functionality of a crib alongside the ease and practicality of a Moses basket. Made just as they have been for years, the majority of Moses baskets are made from super lightweight materials such as wicker basket and sometimes plastic, to ensure that the basket remains easy to carry as well as stable enough for the baby. When paired with complimentary bedding, these baskets not only look cute and super stylish, but are also comfortable and airy for your baby. For the finest Moses baskets – both as independent purchases and as part of a detachable crib set – head to specialist baby retailers and department stores with a baby department. The best standalone cribs can also be found in baby stores as well as furniture retailers and nursery designers.

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