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Photo Frames

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Photo Frames

Photo frames are a great way to display the most meaningful images in your life in a stylish way that keeps them safe at the same time. Enhance your interior design with these pretty focal points. Place your photo frames on your mantelpiece to create a centre for your room with a reminder of your happiest memories at its core. Photo frames are also a great option to put on your walls, many as possible to mount on a wall and they function as a lovely type of wall art. Photo frames are a great place to house your special photographs and commemorate special moments in your life and keep reminders of your loved ones. They can also be a lovely place to show off your craft, like calligraphy, embroidery or cross-stitch and finish it so that you can give it away as a gift, ready to display. Alternatively, you could buy typographical art to take pride of place. If you have a group of photos with the same theme to consider then multi photo frames could be a great option. You could have a photograph constellation frame of your siblings or different branches of the family. A collage of childhood pictures of your nephews and nieces can nestle together in a purpose-built frame, giving all the charm of your childhood scrapbook with none of the scruffiness. You could even get a photo aperture frame for up to 18 different photos. An option for a group of photos is a photo ladder frame. They can contain any number of photographs and can come in either a cute mock ladder, with the photographs between each rung or a rope ladder which hangs on a wall. They come in a classic wood often but there are alternatives like slate and ceramic frames to suit everything from a midcentury loft to a cottage wall. Deep box frames are large block frames which use a large modern square shape to draw attention to the smaller picture within. Similarly, deep angle frames draw the eye in by sloping in towards the central image. They are a great, contemporary way to draw attention to a photo, particularly a smaller photo. You could go for the shimmering glamour of a silver etched photo frame and revel in the glitz of the roaring twenties brought into your living room or go for a fashion-forward rose gold look to display your photos. Off the beaten track are snakeskin patterned copper tones and embellished turned silver photo frames. For more glitzy options to compliment a luxurious abode, think about glass photo frames. They could be block frames, cut glass works of art or light reflecting mirrors and smoked mirrors. All these options help bring light and luxury to the aesthetic of your room. If you love a sheen but don’t want glass, you could go for a mother of pearl photo frame. They catch the sun beautifully and they are very in keeping with an art deco decor scheme. At the more rustic end of the scale, you could go for a sweet pegboard photo frame or a photo clipboard. The grown-up version of your makeshift photo garlands as a teenager. There are also beautiful rustic, wooden options from log slices or driftwood. Gleaming oak, walnut and pine wooden photo frames make a lovely addition to any room and fit in with any understated, sophisticated interior scheme. For more of a statement choose a round or non-traditional shape for your wooden frame. Photo frames are beautiful gifts and an excellent addition for your own home, so liberate your old photos from that shoebox under your bed and have them achieve their full potential.

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