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Smart Lighting

The ability to create light at the flick of a switch is one of the defining leaps forward in human progress. No more trimming wicks or rubbing pieces of kindling together to make a spark and light up the evenings. From there on we have found more ways that different kinds of light can help us live life in a more seamless and convenient way. Another leap forward is now on the horizon for many families, the introduction of smart lighting.

Smart lighting is a way to make our homes more connected and our lighting design that much more responsive. If you think it would be inconvenient to get up and walk to your television again, every time you want to change a channel then ask yourself why you still find it convenient to do it with your light switches?

If you feel you could easily say goodbye to traipsing around to turn your lights on and off, then imagine the idea of using a dimmer switch from your chair or even being able to programme your lights so you don’t even have to lift the finger it takes to operate them.

Smart lighting is the modern way to light your home using advanced technology. LED bulbs are equipped with software that makes it possible for them to connect with a programme hosted on a smartphone app, an automated home assistant or other app capable smart devices like tablets. Your set up becomes smart and so do your lights. You can hybridise this with your existing system and use it as well as your old light switches or phase out your existing switches and work on a purely remote control lighting system.

The light switches that we are all used to work on a simple on-off system with a slight variation for dimmer switches that allow you to vary the level of light, normally by turning a dial. Smart lighting typically not only allows you to dim the lights at will but also to control each bulb and to use other colours, also at the tap of your phone or tablet screen or even by voice command to a smart home assistant. This lets you vary the mood and tone of your lighting far more than a traditional feature.

Smart Lighting is much easier to use than traditional lighting for dimming because it doesn’t need to be wired into a particular wall switch. You simply put in the LED smart bulb, install the app on your device and away you go.

If you do use a smart home assistant then remember to make sure that you choose a compatible set up with your smart lighting. Some are easier to use with particular brands of light or home assistant. This isn’t a necessity so much as a bonus as most smart lights come with the capacity to use their own app with them as well as integrating them with other apps.

Smart lighting means that you can always remember to turn off the lights even when you aren’t in the room. There is nothing more annoying than realising that you’ve left the kitchen light on, just as you settle into bed. With smart lighting, this is no problem, just turn it off from where you are. As a bonus, smart lighting requires LED bulbs, which are already better for the environment.

Smart lighting gives you an edge when it comes to security because whilst you are out or on holiday, you can programme your lights to turn on and switch off. Either in a random pattern or according to your normal habits, this helps your home seem occupied and will help to deter any potential intruders.

You will never regret making a security conscious, eco-friendly, convenient update. Smart lighting is a modern, easy installation way to make your lighting system fit you like a glove.

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