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Nursery Furniture Sets

When it comes to furnishing a nursery, most top homeware and babywear retailers offer sets which are made up of three key items: a cot, a chest of drawers, and a wardrobe. While a nursery furniture set will likely cover the necessary bases and provide you with a complimentary set which will be as aesthetically pleasing as it will be useful, there are a few considerations we recommend exploring and delving deeper into, before settling on your chosen set.

Picking the right set for your room – with regards to size, colour and material

The first thing to note here is that you need to decide if you are furnishing an entire room, or simply providing a space for your baby’s cot and other items to live. We know that while some buyers are lucky enough to have a full nursery room, others will be creating a nursery in a shared space – and this will affect the size of the furniture set you can buy, and how it should look. You’ll find that many of the sets available through our top-rated retailers are made from natural materials which are not only sturdy and safe but also create a modern finish whether they are left natural or painted. Arguably the most popular colour for modern nursery’s is pale greys and other neutral shades, with buyers typically using accessories and soft furnishings to add colour while maintaining a very classic base shade across the structural items. No matter which finish you get, and whether you choose to buy new from one of our department stores or furniture retailers, to search online for second hand furniture, the most important thing to do is check the set is safe with no structural damage.

Ensuring the longevity of your furniture set

If you are hoping to repurpose your nursery furniture set for long term use in your children’s room, then you should be prepared for lots of redecorating over the years – and lots of trips to and from DIY stores and homeware retailers. TOP TIP: For those who aren’t big fans of DIY and painting, one suggestion is to invest in very plain based furniture and then add magnetic strips to the outer surface of the wardrobe and chest of drawers – allowing your children to interact and use their imagination through short-term and easily removable decorations of their choosing. White or pale grey wood serves as a good base for any decorating theme and will brighten up your room.

Top things to look for when buying your nursery furniture set

Aside from ensuring the set is structurally strong and safe, there are a few other things you can do to keep your nursery a hazard-free zone – including checking that the surface of the chest of drawers is large enough to serve as a changing table, and placing a thick carpet with extra cushioning around the outside as a “just in case” layer of protection. Likewise, consider wrapping padded cushioning around the base of the cot and other furniture items, to protect your child as they start to move around the explore – and to stop them from hitting their head or causing other injury.

What else might you need?

It is likely that you will want to hang an interactive mobile or your babies cot; that you will want to invest in a comfy chair for late night feeding time in the nursery; and that you will need different lighting for different times of day. Dressing the rest of your nursery is a matter of taste and the things you think you’ll need – including storage to keep everything practical in an easy-to-find location, and to clear toys away at the end of every day. For these items and more, visit the homeware store’s baby department, or think outside the box and visit a furniture store to see which items could be repurposed and made fit for a nursery.

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