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image-Getting The Perfect Night’s Sleep with The French Bedroom Company

Getting The Perfect Night’s Sleep with The French Bedroom Company

The French Bedroom Company has been specialising in creating perfect bedrooms for over 12 years. We love every part of helping our customers create their dream bedroom with their own unique signature style – combining beautifully made investment pieces with eye-catching and contemporary lighting and accessories, with an emphasis on classic French style. We pride ourselves on creating inspiring interiors that are classic but playful, on-trend but timeless, and luxurious but carefree.

image-Top Tips for Picking the Perfect Coffee Table
Top Tips

Top Tips for Picking the Perfect Coffee Table

The trickiest piece of furniture to choose, according to our research, is the humble coffee table, taking up a whopping 128 hours of time researching online and (when possible) visiting stores. A lot of this purchase paralysis is due to nearly a third of people not being confident in their interior design capabilities and over two thirds of people wanting to make sure that their purchase offers good value for money.So, before you spend over 5 days (!) hunting for the perfect coffee table, what should you be thinking about to narrow down your search, find something that works for your home and that will make you smile every time you pop your cup of coffee, or tea, down?

image-Creating a Sleep Haven
Top Tips

Creating a Sleep Haven

A peaceful and welcoming bedroom will aid better sleep which is why at, you will find the perfect items to help you create the perfect environment for a good night’s rest.From calming colour schemes to tranquil lighting, cosy bedding to comforting toppers, read on as we share our favourite tips and products to help you to create the ultimate sleep haven.


Once upon a time, home owners used their outdoor space for practical purposes only; often using the space to grow vegetables and build pathways for ease of access to and from the properties. However, as we have become more and more house proud, so too we have become gardeners and outdoor specialists; using our gardens to sunbathe, entertain, and create our own little pocket of natural beauty.

As such, the growth of outdoor collections and specific outdoor brands has grown exponentially; no longer simply featuring in garden centres and DIY stores, but also now across homeware and craft shops, as we all seek to embrace the great outdoors and turn our patch of ground into something...

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