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Track Lighting

When it comes to lighting a home which is limited on space, sometimes you will find that you can’t install enough fittings to suit all the potential lighting directions and areas that you want to focus on. With so many different options now available from ceiling lights to wall lights, floor lamps and table lamps, it can be easy for a room to become overloaded with different light sources – particularly if the room is small – leading to an unbalanced and incohesive overall aesthetic.

Luckily, track lighting is here to save you and create the perfect adjustable level of light in any space - no matter how small or large it is.

What is track lighting?

Track lighting works by the installation of a continuous track of wiring, which can easily be attached to a flat surface and then accessorised with as few or as many individual light fitting as you like. fto wire them in correctly, track lighting essentially become one big electricity conductor so that the lights can be fixed anywhere along the length of the track – and still work.

One of the key selling points of track lighting is of course its versatility, not just in the positioning of the lights themselves but also in how you choose to mount the lighting track and in what position you choose to place it to optimise the light available in your space. Some of the most common examples include central ceiling lights, or else positioned downwards on vertical pillars and walls.

Fitting the lights

The most popular lights to be fitted on the track are those which are manoeuvrable not just in terms of their position but also with regards to their direction and the way they shine their light. We tend to call these adjustable spotlights as they allow for different areas of the room to be enhanced with extra light quickly and easily, with a spotlight style aesthetic. This is particularly popular in kitchen spaces and living spaces, where certain elements of the room need to be highlighted over others. In living spaces with large televisions in particular, buyers often state that the adjustable spotlights are perfect for movie nights or full family viewing, simply because it is so easy to redirect the light away from the screen to optimise the viewing experience.

Matching your home style

Often regarded as very industrial in style, the way you choose to match track lighting with your home will likely depend on the styling of your decoration and the materials you select for your lights. Very thin metallic tracks tend to be very complimentary in modern home styling, while the chunkier designs work best in an industrial setting. If you want the overall appearance to be quite seamless and inoffensive, selecting a track and lights in the same colour is an easy way to ensure the whole thing blends together, while if you want to add pops of colour and a more eye catching focal feature, mixing up your colours and materials will create more of a presence around your track lighting.

Remember that the appearance of a light fitting is also impacted by the quality of the bulb you use, and so you should take the time to consider which style of bulb is most suited to the overall decorative theme you are looking to emanate. For tips and advice on finding the best track lighting for any room in your home, and to browse the widest selection of products, head to lighting retailers and designers, as well as DIY stores.

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