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Bathroom Shelves

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Bathroom Shelves

The bathroom is a room which often gets relegated to mere practical use without much call for fine décor or a design-led finish. Many homeowners simply purchase a cabinet or two for the wall, hoping to stuff all of their medicines and creams onto the concealed shelves in the hopes of keeping everything easily accessible but hidden out of sight. Increasingly, however, we are seeing a boost in the number of members who are looking for little ways to make their bathrooms more attractive – ways to transform their bathroom into a room they want to relax and spend time in. Whether this is through clever furniture placement, intriguing and inspiring decorating, or the addition of a few shelves which showcase your finest creams and perfumes, retailers are indulging more and more in our desire to make the bathroom a welcoming space to be.

The benefits of bathroom shelves

As with any room in the house, the addition of shelves means more storage surface space – ideal for displaying items that you wish to keep on show. While in a bathroom much of what we store is medical or beauty related, more and more homeowners and members are turning their bathrooms into well thought out decorated spaces; adorning their shelves with indoor plants and quirky prints. In this respect, bathroom shelves are particularly useful especially when kept at different heights, as they allow the user to create levels of interest and keep various items out of reach of out of harms’ way – for example keeping cleaning products away from children, or indoor plants away from pets and the splash of soapy water from a bath. Other benefits of bathroom shelves is that they can be super handy – particularly those in-shower shelves which fasten to tiled walls with sticky surfaces, and hardwood shelves which can withstand water splashes and hold your toilet roll safe. And finally, bathroom shelves allow you the luxury of moving items up off the floor – maximising on your use of bathroom space, without making you hide away your items.

Top things to consider when looking for bathroom shelves

First for the practical considerations – can the shelves deal with getting wet on occasion, or being surrounded by a damp atmosphere? Metal can rust quickly if left uncared for, while wood and plastic both make quite popular solutions for bathroom shelves. One of our favourite solutions to bathroom shelving is floating shelves which are attached to the wall without brackets – ensuring that brackets don’t hinder your design finish, and creating a really sleek and minimalist feel which can be dressed up or down without much fuss. The second thing to consider is what style of design will look best in your bathroom. Whether you opt for hardwood to create a rustic and natural finish, or pure white shelving for a sleeker and cleaner look, will depend on the aesthetic you are going for. For the widest variety of bathroom shelving options, first spend time reviewing home décor magazines; taking in the innovative and exciting examples they showcase, before diving in and buying your shelves. Home furniture and homeware stores are likely the retailers with the best selection once you know what you want. And finally, the height and placement of your shelves. Remember that the bathroom is used for a variety of activities, and that a badly placed shelf can mean bumped heads if you don’t put thought into placement. One of the most common hazards we see is a shelf located above the sink which hinders the users ability to bend over the sink to wash their face or clean their teeth. To combat this, make sure you spend time assessing how you use your bathroom and where you could locate shelves without them inhibiting your daily activity.

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