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Kitchen Islands & Trolleys

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Kitchen Islands & Trolleys

The kitchen is often considered to be the heart of the home, with buyers increasingly prioritising the size and layout of the kitchen as a make or break factor when buying a new home. Surface space is one such consideration which can almost instantly increase the appeal of a kitchen and subsequently an entire home – creating a market around portable and versatile surfaces, and most notably small kitchen trolleys on wheels.

A kitchen trolley on wheels bridges the desire for more surface space while minimising the need for investment and renovation – presenting a portable alternative which grants the homeowner access to both storage and surface space when and where they need it. Developed from the concept of a kitchen island, a slim kitchen trolley on wheels can instantly elevate the usability of a small kitchen and can also act as a serving trolley or storage area for ingredients.

An excellent solution for those who covet a larger kitchen with more space but who don’t have the room or budget to expand right now, a slim kitchen trolley on wheels is there when you need it – and can be rolled under a countertop or out of the way whenever it’s not in use.

Why We Love Kitchen Trolleys on Wheels

  • A kitchen trolley set on wheels is not only portable but easy to move around, making it an excellent serving tool during large family meals or when entertaining.

  • Many slim kitchen trolleys on wheels are designed with storage shelves or drawers underneath the main surface, thus optimising the use of extra floor space with added storage. This is ideal for storing fruit and vegetables, recipe books, or even glassware.

  • The diverse marketplace means that you can choose between rustic wooden kitchen trolleys on wheels, modern structures, industrial kitchen trolley racks, and even the more ornate and oversized kitchen trolleys which become a part of your décor.

  • Small kitchen trolleys on wheels are suitable for inside and outside use.

Kitchen Trolley FAQs

What can you do with a kitchen trolley?

The versatile design of a kitchen trolley on wheels means that it can be used to serve a multitude of purposes – from granting you extra surface space for food prep to offering an additional storage solution in your kitchen, optimising food service with a dedicated and portable trolley, and becoming a part of the design of your kitchen.

When and why might I need a kitchen trolley on wheels?

Buyers often start their search for a kitchen trolley on wheels when they are running low on space and would like a space in which to do their food preparation without completely overrunning the worktops. Of course, investing in more surface space does also mean losing out on crucial floor space, so our key suggestion is to measure and really familiarise yourself with the space you have to play with – and what even a slim kitchen trolley would mean for the surrounding space and freedom of movement around your kitchen.

Which kitchen trolley is best?

Rectangular shapes seem to be the most popular when it comes to a kitchen trolley, as it helps the item to blend into the straight lines of your kitchen surfaces/corners and also creates easy-to-use and access drawers and cupboards.

When selecting the kitchen trolley for you, we recommend either matching the existing work surface and materials in your kitchen perfectly or else creating a complete contrast through juxtaposing materials. If you try and complement the existing space with a similar but notably different surface material or design, the overall aesthetic will be messy - however, a deliberately different and contrasting finish will turn your kitchen trolley into a design feature.

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