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Garden Tables

From dining tables to side tables, BBQ tables and gaming tables, on a hot day in the heat of the summer, any table surface in your garden has the power to become an outdoor bar, eating area or workstation. The only question you should be asking is ‘how much space do I have?’ and ‘how flexible is this table when it comes to various uses throughout the year?’ After all, it is inevitable that any table you buy for the summer months will become mainly redundant in the Winter months, and so being able to store or repurpose a garden table in Winter is key to ensuring you can get the most out of your spending.

The different types of garden tables and their versatile uses

No holiday is complete without a pool bar or outdoor cocktail station, so why make your staycation any different? Rather than buying or making a bar from scratch, many of our members prefer to use existing surfaces and turn them into bars for outdoor gatherings and parties, with chosen surfaces ranging from trollies to garden tables and poseur platforms. A garden dining table is one way to provide your outdoor space with a large surface on which to enjoy meals, games evenings, or simply drinks with friends and family – and is often readily available in any style you choose. From natural wood table structures to more intricate metal designs and even portable plastic tables, an outdoor dining table can be dressed up or dressed down to suit the occasion and can serve as the perfect bar or eating location for large and small groups. Another form of outdoor table, although a little more niche, is gaming tables – and by that we mean table tennis and pool. Table tennis especially is one of the most popular outdoor activities for families, resulting in tournaments and full evenings dedicated to beating each other at the iconic sport. And when the game isn’t in play, a ping pong / table tennis table actually provides a super versatile and unique decorative accessory for the garden; both practical in its use and interesting in its design. And then we come to side tables and BBQ tables – perfect for holding your drink and other tools while you dive into the paddling pool, mow the lawn, or stoke the BBQ. Often quite small and easily portable, these are the tables which are the most affordable to buy and the most versatile to use – and can be packed away and stored inside during the Winter months.

Finding the best garden tables on the market

Contrary to popular belief, an outdoor table of any sort doesn’t have to be purchased from an outdoor retailer. Though plastic tables are generally regulated to outside spaces, we are seeing an increase in the number of members and homes which are sharing indoor and outdoor furniture across the different spaces of their home; taking indoor items outside to make the most of the warm weather – without buying brand new products. As such, for those looking at buying a new garden table, particularly one suitable for dining, why limit your search to outdoor tables only? Consider widening your search to encompass the boldest and most reliable indoor table structures, including solid wood benches and vast tabletops, which can be dressed to suit the outdoors – and covered if necessary, with an outdoor dining cloth to protect the wood. Some of our favourite retailers include high street furniture retailers as well as garden centres – though you are most likely to pick up a great deal at a furniture retailer rather than a garden centre.

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