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Ottoman & Storage Beds

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Ottoman & Storage Beds

Offering the perfect blend of style and practicality, ottoman storage beds combine a standard bed frame with a large interior space – with the mattress easily lifted away to reveal the space beneath. The frame of the bed is essentially a hollowed out base attached to the headboard, with the mattress and top of the bed frame attached via a concealed spring to ensure the contemporary design is not impacted by mechanics.

What kind of home would benefit from an ottoman or storage bed?

If you’re short on space or looking for somewhere to store out of season jumpers, coats and other outfits, a storage bed provides the perfect base which is as comfortable as the mattress you pick to go on it – with a concealed additional feature in the form of the empty interior cavity. When compared with the similar divan beds with their under-bed drawer space, ottomans and storage beds provide the best possible use of the available space and are just as stylish – with the space completely concealed from view. Ideal as a guest bed, storage beds are available in all different sizes and can represent everything from an extravagant frame with regal upholstery right through to a more natural finish using wood and neutral colours. The upholstered finish, no matter what style you go for, provides a premium design which is both attractive and practical for young families, with the light padding down the sides of the frame protecting young children from hitting their heads – and even preventing the odd stubbed toe which I’m sure we have all experienced in the middle of the night!

Optimising the use of your storage bed

Many of our members like to keep the inside of their storage bed tidy and organised with compartments, and as such tend to invest in adding strips of wood to the inside of their ottoman to create different areas for different items. Another fantastic way to use an ottoman or storage bed is in a child’s bedroom, particularly if they are limited on space. With many of the modern mechanisms so easy to use, even children can lift the mattress or lid away themselves to expose the cavity within, providing an excellent opportunity for them to start to learn the value of tidying things away and keeping their possessions well organised. A lot of storage beds come fitted with headboards – but that doesn’t mean you don’t get a say in the overall finish of your bed. The headboard you select for your room will determine the overall vibe and atmosphere, and has the power to transform a small room into a lighter bright room – or a large cold room into something a little more welcoming and cosy. Provided the headboard provides the structural support the bed needs, most specialist bed retailers will be able to provide guidance around getting your ideal headboard fitted onto your ottoman bed frame.

Purchasing an ottoman or storage bed

When it comes to purchasing your storage bed, the first thing you need to do is establish the correct size for your room – taking note of the fact that a storage bed comes as one block with no spare room underneath the frame – essentially leaving no room for side tables to jut out from below the bed. If you want your bed to benefit from side tables, you will need to factor them into your measurements completely separately from your bed. The very best ottomans and storage beds available on the market right now can be found across various bed retailers and showrooms, with show suites giving you the chance to lift the mattress for yourself and see exactly how much space your bed will provide. Department stores are also likely to stock storage beds though the choice and range will not be as wide as that in a bed retailer.

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