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While sideboards were traditionally built and installed to store dinnerware, generally in a dining room or large kitchen, today they are regarded as much as a decorative piece of furniture as a useful storage solution. Chosen correctly in line with the design and size of the room, a sideboard can make a statement and really embody the aesthetics of the whole home – but buyers need to consider the space they have and whether a large sideboard is really a practical addition to the room. For one thing, a sideboard is most likely made up of a series of drawers and cabinets – which all need to be easily accessible and freely opened from all angles. When placed down the side of a room, particularly a dining room furnished with a large dining table and chairs, you need to consider how accessible the sideboard will be when the table is set and guests are seated – and whether the sideboard will fit alongside other furniture. That said, there are a whole range of benefits that come with owning a sideboard – whether you choose a large statement piece to pull a room together, or something smaller which primarily serves a practical purpose.

The benefits of owning a sideboard

  • They look sophisticated and provide your room with a stylish way to store whatever you need to keep concealed and stored. This will depend on the design and style you go for, with some of the highest quality items made by specialist furniture retailers from natural wood. Spend time looking at the method of joinery when you are looking for your sideboard and pay attention to the quality of the finish and how it has been built.

  • They are often high enough to keep certain items out of reach of children.

  • Not only do sideboards provide various cabinets and drawers, but also a clear surface space which is perfect for displaying ornaments, picture frames and other accessories.

  • Some sideboards come with glass fronted cabinets which allow you to display champagne glasses or high end dinnerware – without leaving them exposed.

  • Cheaply made sideboards, crafted from lightweight wood substitutes or even plastic, provide children with the ideal place to keep all their toys stored safely and neatly. Not only does this help keep your home organised, but it provides them with a sense of responsibility for the organisation of their space and their possessions. It’s never too early to teach children the value of a tidy home!

  • Dedicating a drawer or two to odds and ends will help keep your home and surfaces clutter free.

Where to purchase the best quality sideboards

Some of the most popular sideboards available on the market right now are made from solid wood – available across many furniture retailers, wood crafters and even some high street department stores. If you’re unsure on the size of sideboard you are looking for, spend time in furniture showrooms which allow you to see the pieces fully assembled – paying particularly attention not only to the height and width of the items, but also the depth and how far they will stick out from the wall. If you want something a little more intricately designed than what is available on the modern market, sideboards are something which can often be found in antique stores – or else can be customised with your own added decoration, using things like contact paper to cover different cabinet doors and drawers, installing your own uniquely designed handles and cabinet doorknobs, or even just covering the surfaces with your choice of ornaments and display pieces.

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