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Jewellery Boxes

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Jewellery Boxes

Jewellery boxes are the place where you keep your most precious things. If there is an item that most of us remember from our mothers and grandparents, the jewellery box has to be it. Carefully opened and treated with special reverence. Then your own very first jewellery box, perhaps complete with a spinning ballerina or music and a tiny brass catch that caught your eye. Jewellery boxes are not just an important sentimental item, they are also lovely pieces of decor in their own right. You could go for a traditional polished wood-style box with small velvet-lined compartments inside it or a design on the outside, perhaps a nature scene or just a floral or geometric pattern to suit your personality. Even amongst wooden jewellery boxes, there are pale blonde pine options, rich glossy mahogany boxes or walnut varnished masterpieces. There are even some slightly more unusual options to consider like bamboo or mango wood, for a timeless but special look. With a wooden jewellery box, you could even choose to have either your name or the lucky recipient’s name engraved on to the box so it is personal to them forever. Wooden options do not all follow the same format. Some are music boxes, some are sectioned boxes with trays and some are mini cabinets, like tiny wardrobes with a space to hang your necklaces and drawers for all the smaller trinkets you need to keep safe. As a bonus, they make excellent wardrobes for dolls, as long as the contents are suitable for little ones. Children’s jewellery boxes can also come with fairytale designs to suit their growing imaginations. You could choose to bypass the traditional wooden options in favour of something fresh, that allows you to see your treasures before you even open the box with a faceted glass jewellery box. You could go for a glass box with no extra features to enjoy the clean lines or opt to include luxurious sectioned fabric compartments within the box, which thanks to the glass exterior, become a real focal point. Glass jewellery boxes can come with attached metal stands for rings or necklaces or as miniature cabinets that incorporate tiny drawers. As well as traditional boxes, there are trinket jewellery boxes. These can be glass, ceramic, wood or metal and they are meant to contain your tiniest treasures like earrings or brooches that could easily go astray. Some are open trinket dishes for the option to see the light play off your sparkly adornments and others come with ornate, fluted lids to give a sense of occasion to opening up the box and keep dust away from the important pieces that you don’t wear often. Trinket boxes can also come in interlocking stacks. The stacking jewellery boxes can match or come in contrasting or complementary colours and patterns. They make it easy to separate your rings, brooches, necklaces and earrings and avoid things getting tangled. They also take up less shelf space, if room on surfaces is at a premium. For other occasions where space is at a premium, like a holiday, you might want a travel jewellery box. They are small, sturdy and stylish and they take care of everything you need to have with you on your travels. Alternatively, if it is only space that is in high demand, you might consider a mini jewellery box. For more specialised options, you could even look at specialised charm boxes to keep charm bracelet charms safe and in order. Whatever treasures you need to keep safe, a jewellery box is a stylish way to do it. You could even get something that becomes a lifelong keepsake.

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