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Awnings & Door Canopies

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Awnings & Door Canopies

Traditionally found outside store fronts in quaint villages and cosy towns, awnings and door canopies provide protection from the elements with an extendable roof for the great outdoors. Hanging over front doors, store windows and market stall displays, awnings and canopies are designed to provide shade from the sun or a dry spot when it’s raining.

How do they work?

Attached to the wall above the area to be protected, awnings and door canopies can be made from a variety of materials – from the extendable and affordable canopy material, to more permanent wooden structures. While the most traditional awnings outside stores were decorated with a candy stripe patterning, the modern market is packed full of different varieties, including glass top canopies with a view to the sky above, and curved metal frames with plastic sheeting. Interestingly the marketing around awnings and door canopies is divided, with some products being sold as rain protectors, and others as sun shades. Nonetheless, an awning above your front door or porch is a great way to ensure you aren’t left fumbling for your keys in the rain – and protects your front door from the glare of direct sunlight during the summer months.

Deciding which style is best for your home

Many of our members shy away from awnings as they feel that the finishing effect can be rather cheap and detract from the stylish exterior of their home. On the contrary, with such a wide market made up of modern and traditional designs, there has never been a better time to invest in a protective cover four your door which compliments your style. Classic door canopies create somewhat of a whimsical feel, drawing the eye above the door – making them more of a feature than designed to blend in. Particularly popular with those who seek to turn their outside space into a welcoming area for gatherings and parties, striped canopy awnings are likely to remind guests of traditional village shops and market stalls – instilling joyful and nostalgic memories in a classy and quaint way. The best place to find these sorts of awnings is through outdoor and garden specialist retailers, as well as some larger homeware stores. TOP TIP: When it comes to purchasing the awning, be sure to arrive equipped with the measurements of your space for coverage. If you can’t find an awning already made to your specifications, we recommend opting for a slightly larger canopy rather than one that is a little too small. Covering a larger space is far preferable to the covering not reaching far enough! If, however you are embracing more of a modern vibe in your outdoor space, the contemporary design with a basic frame structure and plastic or glass screens is the most inoffensive and likely to blend in – particularly if the right colours are selected to match the door frame and walls behind. Far easier to find in the modern market, these stylish and simplistic awnings are available across a range of retailers from online sellers to homeware stores, garden specialists and DIY stores. TOP TIP: If you bring your modern awning home and find it doesn’t blend in as well as you might like, embrace it as a feature and dress it with your choice of accessories. We recommend hanging lanterns or fairy lights for a subtle and stylish finish.

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