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Toddler Bedding

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Toddler Bedding

Buying toddler bedding is exciting for everyone involved – marking a move away from the confines of a cot, and a huge shift towards a proper bed. The variation in beds available for toddlers today is bigger than ever before, boasting everything from midi beds to low singles, larger single options and even bunk beds – but no matter what style of frame of structure you opt for, choosing the right bedding is the fundamental piece which will ensure a good night’s sleep.

Providing comfort

We often talk to our members about that choice you have to make between comfort and style – and choosing bedding for a toddler is no different. Natural and organic materials are best for toddlers, as they are the most likely to be hypo-allergenic and keep your little ones comfortable all night long, though we do recommend considering the season and working back from there – understanding that children are generally warmer than adults, and so in the summer months may require little more than a thin sheet to keep them covered. Providing comfort is also about being able to keep on top of your toddlers’ needs, and that means picking bedding which is easily washed – as regularly as necessary. Our top tip when you find a set of bedding you love is to buy two sets as a minimum – so that you always have a back up if your toddler has an accident in the middle of the night.

Providing entertainment

The bedding you choose has the power to send your toddler off into a dreamland filled with their favourite colours and characters, whether it’s a theme they love such as space or the ocean, or a favourite character from a well-loved television show. Not only will this make bedtime fun for your child and encourage them to want to spend time in bed, but it will also provide some really good inspiration for their creativity and imaginations to run free. The best themed bedding can often be found in department stores who stock wide selections for all different preferences and age categories – though we suggest, again, purchasing more than one set, and being prepared to have to buy a new set every time your child finds a new favourite tv show. TOP TIP: If regular changes in preference concerns you with regards to your budget for toddler beddings, consider purchasing bedding in your child’s favourite colour rather than bedding dedicated to a particular character or theme. Their favourite colour is unlikely to change as regularly and will provide you with a more long-term base which can be dressed up or down with posters, cushions and other accessories.

Finding the best and most unique options

Make sure when you buy your toddler bedding that you have purchased sheets which will fit the bed. Some stores and retailers stock mattresses and bedding in slightly different sizes – often encouraging you to buy everything from them only – which can become challenging when you want to buy your bedding somewhere else. If you can’t find the exact size you need, buy slightly bigger bedding and tuck the excess material under the mattress. Shopping for bedding for your toddler can be a lot of fun, and you should involve them as much as possible so that they can really enjoy the next step of their growing up journey. Department stores are a safe bet particularly with regards to character bedding and themed accessories, as they are likely to offer the widest selection in terms of design finish, material and comfort, and size.

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