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Dining Tables

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Dining Tables

Are you the kind of family who eat around the dining table every night? Or is the dining table reserved only for the most special of occasions – with everyday meals generally confined to a breakfast bar or worktop space? We all choose to use our dining tables differently, with some dedicating an entire room to sophisticated dining while others prefer to keep their dining table in a large kitchen area, to make both service and socialising easier and more enjoyable. However you lay yours out, the market is filled with dining table options – and ways to make your own! – as long as you know what you’re looking for.

Where to start

A lot of our members come to us asking where to start their search for a new dining table; unsure how to best utilise the space they have available, and without a clue how to select the best set which will be both practical and compliment their home in general. After all, it’s very easy to simply purchase a wooden table frame and select a tablecloth and place mats to cover it with – but why not choose something you really love, and celebrate its unique style rather than hide it away! If you’re not sure what style you want, consider heading to one of our top furniture retailers with a showroom, which provides buyers with an opportunity to browse different styles of dining room and the tables which best suit and compliment each space. Many of these will also show you which kinds of chairs will suit the table, and where these can be purchased.

Furnishing different styles of home

While a traditional home will likely benefit from a table which oozes grandeur and opulence, you may find that a modern home works better with a more natural wood finish – or equally, with a monochromatic marble or slate surface top. Once you’ve selected the ideal table – whether from a furniture retailer, homeware design store or artisan creator – you need to consider the ways in which you are going to dress it, and how the accessories you add can impact the overall feel of the table and its settings.

Innovative things to consider

One of the most impressive things about many dining tables - both old and new – is the ingenuity behind the ways designers allow them to be extended – whether it’s simply folding extra surface area out from underneath, or sliding the two sides apart to reveal a third surface section in the middle. These kinds of dining tables, which can be made both larger and smaller super easily and quickly, are great for those who like to entertain but don’t need lots of space all the time – providing buyers with the choice to optimise table space during a party, and floor space the rest of the time. Aside from ways to extend the table or make it smaller, it is also worth considering a few different and more unique styling options, including indoor picnic bench style dining tables, and those with glass tops which conceal a wealth of treasures beneath – turning your dining table into a decorative feature in the home. Whatever your final selection, make sure that your dining table is the right fit for your home both in terms of style and sizing – by taking measurements with you to retailers, and, where possible, opting to explore their showrooms to see how a table looks fully assembled, before committing to purchase.

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