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Bath Linen

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Bath Linen

From the pure white luxury of a fluffy white robe in a spa, to the exotic pull of a beach towel covered with your favourite print, right through to a small soft towel hung beside the sink for drying your hands, we spend a lot of time surrounded by bath linen – often with little regard for how it affects our bathroom experience and how it can impact the overall aesthetic and experience of our home. When you have guests over to stay, the likelihood is that you will leave out a towel or two for them to use during their visit, with some homeowners selecting any towel from their closet while others have a specific set of guest towels designed for this very use. While the latter is not necessarily the best option for every kind of homeowner, more often than not we find that the psychology around using a matching set of bath linen can elevate the experience exponentially – and leave both you and your guests revelling in what feels like a luxury experience.

Things to look for in good quality bath linen

When it comes to selecting the finest quality of bath linen for your home, we recommend that your main rule should be to keep the colouring as neutral as possible. Brightly coloured towels are great for the beach or for your child’s bath time, but for the most part we tend to find that neutrally coloured towels are the most popular in terms of creating an aesthetically pleasing and elegantly styled bathroom which you are proud to showcase for guests and visitors. Another thing that requires careful consideration is the feel and texture of your bath linen. While many buyers and homeowners opt for very thick and soft towels and flannels because they feel nice on their skin, after a few uses they quickly discover that a soft texture is not always the best or more conducive to drying yourself quickly and effectively – with the best towels often sitting somewhere between those with a very thick pile and those which are much thinner. And then we have something so small and seemingly insignificant that it is super easy to overlook – and yet it can actually completely transform the user experience and make your towel easy to use or not. That is the label on the towel, or the addition of an extra hook as can be found in some more high end designer bath linen pieces. Remember that without something to hang the towel from, you will likely find your towel sliding off its hook and to the floor thanks to the weight of the towel and the lack of grip on its surface – meaning there is a chance that your towel won’t get the airing it needs to fully dry before its next use. And finally, we need to consider the value of complimentary bath linen sets. As previously discussed, a set of linen with complimentary pieces can very quickly elevate the user experience to something which is more luxurious, with matching bath towels, flannels and bath mats creating a seamless and aesthetically pleasing bathroom space which is both relaxing and hygienic all in one go. When in doubt, keep the colours neutral, with greys proving one of the most versatile and easy to use colours thanks to its range of shades and the fact that it create a clean feel without the risk of white towels which can become dirty very quickly. For the best bath linen sets and standalone pieces, visit department stores and home furnishing retailers.

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