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Chest of Drawers

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Chest of Drawers

A staple item in most bedrooms, a reliable chest of drawers provides adequate space to organise your most prizes possessions, items of clothing and other objects into separate drawers – and often comes as part of a bedroom set. From small chests boasting drawers in different shapes and sizes, through to large statement pieces which conceal all your winter coats and boxes of papers, the chest of drawers you choose for your bedroom should depend on the space you have available and the amount you want to tuck away for safe keeping. But who said chest of drawers must be limited to just the bedroom?

Top uses of a chest of drawers

Though most commonly found in bedrooms, a well designed chest of drawers can make a handy addition to a living space or even a large kitchen – providing a storage solution which also looks stylish and is often designed to compliment its surroundings. Some of our favourite chest of drawers span across the whole market, encompassing large natural wood creations which fit perfectly inside country kitchens, and smaller more intricate structures which boast miniscule drawers ideal for storing crafty bits or jewellery and other accessories. For something a little different, consider items with unique drawer fronts and different styled handles, which result in a focal design feature which you can be proud of. Chest of drawers are also particularly beneficial in children’s rooms, offering a sturdy and safe structure which can introduce your children to the value of tidying away and maintaining order in their own space – and let them store their toys somewhere safe.

Accessorising your chest of drawers

With the homeware and furniture market full of so many different varieties and sizes of chest of drawers’, the call for accessorising is a matter of preference. We know our members love to capture their favourite themes and styles across the different pieces in their home, and with a chest of drawers likely taking up a good chunk of the room, the desire to dress it up will likely result in DIY decorations, plant pots and photos, and trinkets spread across the surface. But accessorising your chest of drawers should not be limited to the exterior – with the interior also open to a great deal of organisation tools and techniques for our most efficient members. Many homeware retailers now offer chest tidies, giving you the option to split each drawer into sections dedicated to different items – for example splitting a sock drawer into work socks, sport socks and casual socks. Another popular way to accessorise a chest of drawers is with scented pillows, often found in gift retailers and accessory stores. These small pillows filled with spiced herbs and flowers give your chest of drawers a revamp from the inside, and allow you to keep everything smelling its best.

Where to find the perfect chest of drawers for your home

For those looking for a large structure built for purpose, the best options will likely be found in a furniture retailer – with many offering showrooms which can guide you towards the different styles available and provide inspiration for dressing your furniture. If you’re on a budget, you could also consider heading online to check out second hand retailers, or else choosing to find something with a little more history by checking out antique and vintage stores. Smaller or more design focussed pieces are best found in homeware retailers, particularly for those items which you want to replicate a very particular theme or design style.

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