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Office Furniture

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Office Furniture

Whether shopping for a corporate workplace or dressing a home office, the variety of office furniture now available is colossal. What started as just a desk and a chair has gradually expanded, encompassing the practicality of filing cabinets and drawers, the productivity of desk organisers and waste bins, and the enjoyable nature of whiteboards and other unique little design features. The truth is, there has never been a better time to tackle the dressing of a brand new office that now, but sorting through what is useful and what is simply unnecessary can sometimes be more challenging than it sounds. Luckily, we’re here to help our members separate the good from the tacky.

What you need in your office

Though relatively subjective based on your industry of work and job role, every office needs a good reliable desk. From solid wood as sold by our collection of furniture retailers, to the more modern and industrial designs heralded by homeware stores, the desk you choose should provide enough space for your working tools, at the ideal height for you, with enough leg room for a comfortable seated position. In terms of the finish and layout of your desk, consider where in the room this will sit and then use that information to select the best shape – perhaps curved, L-shaped, or simply a straight table desk with a great view out the window - and make sure it comes equipped with a hole or allotted space through which to trail your wires from computer to plug socket. Then we come to the chair, and for this we recommend that our members really throw out the budget and invest in something practical, comfortable and supportive. Desk chairs are where you will spend the majority of your working day, and they need to support a good posture to ensure you minimise the risk of back problems and aches and pain. To find the best chair for you, go into office and chair retail stores and try some out – finding out which have adjustable backrests, how high or low the seat height can go, and how comfortable the cushioning is.

What is nice to have in your office

Aside from the desk and the chair (and ideally a good view), everything else is a matter of choice and individual preference. We do recommend that our members look into investing in a strong light to sit on their desk, as strained eyes can, over time, lead to increased issues with eyesight. Likewise, whiteboard or desk planner is recommended to ensure you keep on track, also providing the satisfaction that comes every time you tick something off of your to-do list. Besides these items, many of our retailers also offer water paper baskets and bins, printer trollies, filing cabinets and even small plants. Many of these details can be purchased on an ad hoc basis, depending on your demand and whether you are setting up a home office or simply dressing a corporate workspace.

What material is desk furniture made from?

Many of the pricier items in the office furniture ranges across our retailers, are made from solid wood – providing a reliable, strong, and aesthetically pleasing finish. In recent years however there has been a shift towards block colour desks, creating a spike in the call for plain white, black or branded colour desks designed from a variety of materials – often manufactured wood or plastic based synthetic materials. For a more industrial finish, metal desks and complimenting office items can create a rustic and edgy vibe that is perfect for a warehouse-style office.

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