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Outdoor Wall Lights

When the sun goes down, most homeowners find themselves gathered around one small table light or candle, in an attempt to glean enough light to see their companions without ruining the atmosphere by turning on torches or large outdoor lights.

The beauty of outdoor wall lights is that they provide an in-between that sits somewhere in the middle of outdoor flood lighting, and a small candle in the middle of the table. They create atmosphere and a welcoming mood without straining the eyes, and they provide an aesthetically pleasing finish which can be selected to match your chosen design style – whether it be rustic, polished or minimal.

The benefits of outdoor wall lights

Outdoor wall lights have been used for centuries, with the earliest examples being forks of fire hung from wall brackets to light the way for soldiers and explorers – way before electricity was invented, Today, we enjoy a mixture of natural light and electric light, as well as other sources such as solar light and battery light. And all of these are available as outdoor wall lights.

Of course, the top benefit of outdoor wall lighting is that it provides you with enough light while remaining well out of the way mounted on your wall – allowing you to optimise on space without large lanterns taking over your patio or decking surface.

Wall lights can also look really stylish both at night and in the day, with some of our favourite designs including traditional styed lanterns hanging from hooks, minimalist circular domes stuck to the wall, and naked glass bulbs which are becoming increasingly popular as we embrace the modern design idea that every item should celebrate its most functional use.

Things to consider when investing in outdoor wall lights

The first thing to consider is the size of the wall lights, and whether you need just one to light your entire space, or if you will need a series of lights in order to provide enough lighting for the entire outdoor area. There is nothing worse than investing in a light which looks great in-store surrounded by other things, but when on its own simply looks bare and a little plain on its own.

Once you’ve determined the quantity and size of your wall lights, turn your attention to how high on the wall you will mount them – and whereabouts they need to be placed. Remember that any windows into the home can be used as support lighting on a dark night as the light will shine through to your outside space, so placing your wall lights right next to a window may not be the best use of lighting. Instead, use your outdoor wall lights to light those areas which otherwise may seem dark and dingy, for example dark corners and areas further from the house.

And then there’s your design aesthetic, and how best to achieve your chosen atmosphere. As well as the tone and intensity of the light itself, the structure it is held in can be pinnacle in the overall feel of the light, so make sure you know if you’re looking for something modern, traditional, rustic or industrial. While most materials can create great outdoor wall lights, you also need to consider whether the lights will be able to withstand all weather conditions, or will need to be equipped with a cover for the winter months to protect the bulb and frame.

For the best outdoor wall lights and the widest selection of options available to you, consider both specialist lighting retailers and outdoor stores – including garden centres, homeware, and outdoor decorating stores.

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