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Children's Mid Sleeper Beds

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Children's Mid Sleeper Beds

What buyers don’t often realise is that the range of choices available for children’s beds does not end at ground level beds, bunk beds and midi/high sleeper beds. There is in fact another option, and one which is built and designed around the concept of a divan bed but with far more storage available to the user – a mid sleeper bed.

Where a high sleeper bed boasts a vast open space beneath the frame and structure holding up the mattress, mid sleeper beds take that space and fill it with complimentary drawers, shelving and cupboards so that the underside of the bed essentially becomes somewhat of a portable wardrobe or storage unit. Why is this great? Because the same amount of floor space that any bed would take up also becomes the footprint for the entire wardrobe of your child, while also encouraging them to take responsibility for their tidiness of their own possessions.

What kind of mid sleeper beds are available on the current market?

By far our favourite style of mid sleeper beds are those with a distinct frame which compliments the design of the storage beneath – for example a natural wood bed cabin with matching cupboard doors and drawers underneath which sit next to the ladder leading up into the bed itself.

Other popular designs include those with slides coming down from the bed level for added playtime, and even a selection of innovative mid sleepers for older children with adjustable workstations which slide out from inside the storage section of the bed. These are particularly useful for those with limited space but who still need access to a desk or workspace for homework and learning.

The aesthetics of a mid sleeper bed

Suitable for both single children and siblings, mid sleepers give each child their own portable storage which is attached to their bed – providing them with a real sense of ownership. By sitting the drawers and cupboards directly beneath the bed frame, the room is immediately opened up to become more spacious.

If you’re furnishing a small bedroom and are considering a mid sleeper bed for its plethora of advantages, look at the lighter natural wood and pale coloured frames in order to maximise the feeling of a warm but airy and light space. We often find that children like to dress their rooms differently as they age and go through their own phases, and that the way they accessorise and furnish their rooms is a big indicator of the phases they are a part of. The more neutral and simpler the bed frame is, the easier it will be for them to personalise it with ornaments and visuals, without it having to be redecorated every few years.

Buying a mid sleeper bed

Before entering into any purchase, be sure you know the dimensions of the room you are furnishing including the height of the ceiling, to ensure that your child doesn’t end up bashing their head every time they sit up in bed or climb into bed. Though the mid sleeper is great at maximising the space available in a room, generally the structure of them can be quite large and overpowering in a room, so be sure you can locate the mid sleeper in a well lit space so that it appears welcoming rather than dominating the room.

For the best range of mid sleeper beds and the widest selection of ways to finish and furnish the space underneath, we recommend buyers head to bed specialists and furniture stores with specialised bed frame staff.

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