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Baby & Nursery Shop

A baby’s possessions and the accessories that create the perfect nursery are generally made up of a selection of hand-selected items chosen by their parents, gifts from friends and family, and hand-me-downs from older children and siblings. One of the most thoughtful and unique ways to decorate a baby’s room is with the characters and colours that you loved as a child, as we know our members love to create and celebrate memories all through their house – not just creating modern and clean finishes, but also revelling in past joys as well.

The best way to decorate a nursery before the baby arrives

If you have decided to save your gender reveal for the birth itself, you may find yourself wondering how you can decorate the nursery – which colours to choose, which toys to opt for, and what extras you might need. Our first piece of advice is to relax and select colours which are calming and neutral – but which also make you feel happy. The fact is, your baby will love wherever it is as long as you are there to entertain and care for them, so the colour of the walls is really something that you as parents, and any visitors or guests will appreciate more than the baby itself. One of the best choices for a baby’s room or nursery is a pale yellow or green – both gender-neutral, and both inspiring feelings of calm and warmth. If you decide to add splashes of colour, instead of trying to choose whimsical characters and fairy tale creatures which you may end up having to change in a few years when your child’s tastes change, why not start off with some really eye-catching and visually stimulating patterns and concepts; such as coloured polka dots, stripes and rainbows. For these, you can either go freehand and paint them yourself, or turn to our homeware and decorative retailers to find stencils and wall transfers fit for a baby’s oasis.

Furnishing your nursery

Again, in the early days all your baby will really need is a cot and a changing surface, so the furnishings required will be primary for your own use – a chair to feed from, a space to sit down and play on, and accessories to fun and stimulate your baby’s development. When dressing a nursery, we tend to suggest keeping furniture and decorative accessories light and playful, opting for natural pale wood materials and neutral pastel shades. To achieve the perfect look, many of our new parent members prefer the affordability offered by furniture retailers for base furniture pieces, then dress them with their own choice of cushions and throws. Creating the right light in your nursery or baby room will not only look great but will also help with those middle-of-the-night feeds and early mornings. One of the most popular solutions is a dimming light switch which allows the user to control the intensity of the artificial light and keep it low during the night. If your lights don’t allow for this, other options include low-level floor or side lights, and those more modern lamps which mimic the natural light outside and create an optimum setting depending on your sleep pattern. All of these options and more can be found in both department store retailers and specialist nursery providers, with experts available particularly in the latter to discuss the choices available. If in doubt, we know our members love a forum, with many guiding other new parents towards online hubs of parenting talk and product reviews!

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