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Cot Bedding Sets

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Cot Bedding Sets

When it comes to buying the perfect cot bedding set for your newborn, buyers often find that while the patterned frills of an expensive set may appear attractive at first, sometimes the practicality of having to wash it regularly can soon turn those frills and accessories into more of a hinderance than a help. That said, there is nothing to keep you from purchasing cost bedding sets which match the room and create a calming and inviting space for your baby – and when you head out in search of your bedding set, we’ve pulled together a list of things to look out for which will ensure an attractive nursery as well as optimum comfort for your baby and the most restful night possible for you.

What to look for when buying a cot bedding set

How big is the range available, and which set will best compliment the nursery?

We know our members love finding furnishings to match and compliment the existing décor in any room in the house, and the nursery is no different – with more and more buyers and homeowners opting for designs which celebrate a subtle and cosy space rather than the vibrancy of a room filled with bright colours. Not only do subtle and soft colours provide a relaxing environment for your baby, but they also allow you to relax during those late night feeds. In our opinion, it’s best to save the bright colours for a few years down the line when your baby becomes a toddler looking for their first real bed! For the widest selection of cot bedding sets in a variety of different colours and finishes, explore the sets available in department stores and specialist baby retailers – both online and in store.

What is the bedding set made of, and how does it embrace both comfort and practicality?

The material you choose should be free from chemicals and other harmful substances, as well as anti-allergenic wherever possible. All of these features will keep your baby safe and will provide you with the peace of mind to leave them at night and get some rest yourself – and with so many options now available across our department store and baby retailers, you no longer have to choose between comfort and these practical and safe features. Another feature we are seeing more and more of is accessories and pillowing designs which protect your baby’s head from the hard side bars of their cot – either by encasing the baby in a sleep bag with a built in pillow which protects their head, or even by selling additional cot bar coverings to add cushioning to any area which they may stray into. These can mainly be picked up through specialist baby and nursery retailers.

Adapting to the seasons

While it is important to make sure your baby is warm, if they become too hot it can lead to some more serious problems – meaning that the more breathable the bedding is, the easier it will be for them to retain a comfortable temperature. It is also key to ensure that any bedding is easy to wash in the face of accidents. Any form of cot bumper padding will also insulate and keep the inner bedding warm, so especially during the summer months we recommend investing in a good quality sheet rather than settling your baby into a full sleep bag – perfect for the winter months. For more advice on the best bedding for your baby throughout the year, the online and instore advisors in specialist retailers will be able to support you as needed.

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